even though i didn't win the madewell contest it was fun just to give it a shot! *no pun intended*
a few of my snaps did get featured on the their website, check it out! 
i suppose its the next best thing to a shopping spree. ;)

a stylists take: grow out

the time has come. the time to grow out that short haircut. for many women the time came months ago, even years ago. what held them back? fear. uncertainty. laziness... just to name a few. it never seems like the right time to bite the bullet and suffer through the dreaded "awkward stage." but what if there is no awkward stage? game-changer, i know. so hear me out: there is a way to grow out that pixie cut in a stylish, on-purpose manner.
follow the below tips for a stress-free grow out period:

tip one: 
book your stylist. make haircut appointments every six to eight weeks. one of the biggest mistakes that makes for an unsuccessful grow out is never getting a haircut or letting too much time go by in between appointments. "get a haircut when you are trying to GROW your hair?!" you may ask? absolutely. when the hair loses all shape and becomes completely unmanageable is exactly when one gives up altogether. that is where the aforementioned "awkward stage" thrives. regular trims become especially crucial when growing out a pixie cut. the nape needs to be cleaned up consistently while the sides grow out to meet it. a mullet is the alternative. no thanks.

tip two: 
routine switch-up. we all have our styling habits. when we have a certain hairstyle for a measure of time we get used to it and that is just how we style our hair -- blow-out with a flat brush, blow-out with a round brush, blow-out with a comb, blow-out with fingers, blow-out haphazardly, flat-iron straight, flat-iron waves, curling iron, curling wand, air-dry, or my all time favorite: roll out of bed and spray in some spray wax. just to name a few. whatever your routine, once your haircut changes shape change your routine. (i learned this the hard way years ago when i continued to style my longer hair messy like i styled my short cut. looking back on pictures it strongly resembled a lions mane. no joke.) not sure when to switch-up the routine? ask your stylist.

tip three: 
long live product! do not shy away from product. however, know that product change-ups will be necessary during the grow out process. for instance: volume is a bad word with a cropped cut but as length develops volume products are a godsend to fight flatness. waxes and pastes are helpful with both long and short styles but are used in different ways. your stylist can help you find the right products to suit your needs as your hair changes shape. some current favorites? redken velvet gelatine and satinwear are "one size fits all" choices for a smooth blow-dry. also, quick tease is an aerosol spray to create a airy, teased effect sans the backcombing, bye-bye rats nest. the new flex collection by redken is also amazing, pomade-like texture designed to go in towel-dried hair before its hit with the blowdryer. gives the hair texture and hold. 

may these tips lend a helping hand in the fight against grow out stigma. ;)
any questions or feedback please leave a comment below.

a few lovely things.
new little baby for the bathroom.
daniel made me a copper hanging rack.
they are still obsessed with my sheepskin.
hiding from the heat today. its 100 degrees in may. UGH.

a few lovely things.
lavender honey from our local lavender fields in my coffee this morning.
my new succulent. so in love.
these two.
pin cushion from the farmers market.
my sweet cat

a few lovely things (sunday edition).
the quarta necklace by tiro tiro studio.
i wear it every single day.
(plus i got it during a flash sale -- 50% off! 
keep your eye out for sales and giveaways on social media sites)
hand-picked flowers from our front yard.
a gussied up adventure jar. fill up quick, jar!
snuggled-up bing is cozy on our sheepskin.
sunday nap time.

a study in gray.
cement with new life.
march skies.
hand-dyed cotton, a little rough around the edges.
this fuzzy fur.
granite rock close-up.

a stylists take: monochromatic.

i've always been one to follow the trends. and i'm not ashamed! its actually quite fun. 
firstly, it goes with my job description. and secondly, i am certainly never bored. 

its been a long time since i have done a stylist's take. so long that i am embarrassed to admit, although you can find out how long its been with only a couple clicks of your mouse. its funny because fashion is actually my most favorite topic to write. its where my passion lies. then why do i avoid it? this is something i am trying to figure out myself but heres what i have so far:
i have been putting pressure on myself that each style post has to be top notch. and of course i want it to be. but sometimes my own head is my worst enemy and i need to write about what i want to write about and just hope for the best. you feel me? i hope so!

i always have a wealth of style-related thoughts that go through my mind on a daily basis:
 what should i wear? should i change my hair color? to grow out or not to grow out? how much make-up is too much make-up? what items are worth $$ and what items are cheap-out-worthy? dressing for the season, dressing for an event, dressing for work, dressing for bed. and of course thoughts about how other people dress -- some of those thoughts i probably shouldn't share ;)

so today and lately my mind has been focused on monochromatic. i have been noticing this trend and its so out of my box. i am usually always with a pop of color. and now? nothing. zip on the color. i have been leaning toward black, white, gray, chambray and neutrals in general. based on a purchase the other day someone asked me if i had to wear an all-black uniform to work. hmm. nonetheless, i have been loving it. my wardrobe finally has some key and basic piece that it has been missing for sometime. i have a lot of statement pieces because they are always the ones that draw me but now the pieces with the draw are the black cotton tees. 
ohh one-hundred-percent cotton how i love you. who would have thought? 
(but lets leave feelings about all natural fibers for another post or i will end up on a tirade of sorts.)

so dressing in a monochromatic way leaves much to the imagination. my favorite two ways to make up for the lack of color is in variance in texture and styling with innovative jewelry and accessories. so if you decide to go out in barely-different shades of white this spring make sure the textures stand out as separate and this will add interest. also bring in a focal point with a cool clutch, shoes or necklace. you'll end up with a natural, simple and fashion forward look.

please feel free to leave questions and/or comments below!
oh and happy monday ;)

a few lovely things (spring edition).
new booties for spring.
patio chair hand-me-downs.
fresh green growth.
clearing out some clutter and aiming for simplicity.
april first anniversary gift waiting on the fireplace. ;)

a few lovely things.
have been and will be living in these shoes.
lavender making our apartment a happy place.
a little empty space in our otherwise crowded space.
new blanket.
and these textures.

a few lovely things.
my fox door knocker found a new home. 
my little new jade plant to keep my baby palm company. 
this winter time sunset
kindling, just because. 
these golden trees.

long wednesday.

busy cutting some hair today!
dear one and all:
feel free to book an appointment and come see me ;)

a stylists take: the fashion show is always on the streets.
currently: watching bill cunningham new york with my bff stephanie of every whim + notion, planning what we will wear on our fall trip, whilst sipping champagne and indulging in apricot stilton, grapes, rosemary raisin crackers and (drumroll please!) pistachio dark chocolate toffee. decadence galore!

it's been a while since ive done a stylists take. don't get me wrong, im still a stylist,  promise! and i have lots of takes (ask my friends...) maybe i just lost a little bit of my motivation to write them down for the world. but today? motivation in spades. 

it's new york, always new york. something about that city. the bill cunningham documentary is basically this gentleman who runs wild in the city photographing new york street fashion. "his pictures are more than paparazzi shots they really are evidence of what fashion is at any given moment in the world." isnt that the most intriguing thought? we the public influence fashion. ive always thought that "they" (the fashion magazines, celebrities, the bigwigs) told US what fashion is. could it be that we set the rules? we say what is trendy? we have control? that is what bill cunningham is about. that is what new york is about. this is what i want to be about too... and why not?

so, so far for the trip: pleather black leggings (pleather front/fabric back) and wild fox diamond print baseball tee (comfy but cute, maybe for the plane). more shopping to be continued...

and let's set the trends on the streets of new york, shall we? maybe we will even get documented ;)

a few lovely things.
leftover watermelon + homegrown grapefruit juice. plus, my favorite rug found a new home ;)
rifle paper co. case. (finally, a cute phone case!) 
love this little corner (even though that wall still needs painting... why is life so busy?!) 
a gift from my mama: hedgie dryer balls
these flowers from the farmers market have been with us over three weeks and still going strong!

a few lovely things.
lighting candles during the day. 
the beauty of an unmade bed
candlestick holders from an estate sale in nashville.
note to my husband: we have had these for 2 years pretty please hang them!! 
this hazelnut butter (and their almond better) will blow your mind. 
sometimes loveliness can be found in everyday snapshots ;)

a few lovely things.
a bounty of bread ala daniel (from a while back... its time for another bake fest).
dark chocolate with cookie butter filling, need i say more?

a few lovely things.
today, life is a bowl of cherries. (summer snack with iced tea lemonade).
a few of the places we have been together.
 my thrifted owl statue has been healed! it is one of my favorite keepsakes and a couple days ago i knocked it onto my travertine floor with my tote that is maybe just a titch too big (if there is such a thing). it broke and i cried and daniel fixed it. (my herooooo!)

a few lovely things.
my new succulent!
this one and others are going to get a home in my yard.
a gin and tonic on a hot summers day. 
this boy's curls after working hard all day (awww). 
summer blooms
lately these sunsets have been seriously pretty.

a few lovely things.
these little pretty things on my fireplace. 
a basket of blankets
my bedroom wall.
slowly adding more and more random loveliness. ;) 
currently, my favorite scarf.

a few lovely things.
 start trip clothes fund? check. 
the evening light through this window. 

a few lovely things.
three cheers for raspberry season, hip-hip-hooray! 
my favorite lampshade. 
perusing real simple. 
daniels ape bookend he's had for years... it's grown on me ;)

a few lovely things.
peonies need no explanation. 
a glass of champagne with two raspberries. 
this weather lately...

a stylists take (confidence).

"the most confident of women are those who believe in every scrap of fabric that they wear." - sarah maclean.

my friend and i have an ongoing conversation/pep-talk with each other when we are getting ready together to go out, discussing what to wear to an event, or deciding on a new hair color. if we are unsure or wavering we tell each other "just own it." if you truly own it, youll be fine. no one will question you. show confidence. confidence not only in your sense of style but in your choices, in who you are. so many women are apprehensive in their style decisions, hiding behind a certain hairstyle or wardrobe because its safe, comfortable or nondescript. breaking out of that box helps all of us to define ourselves, gives us individuality and confidence in our sense of self. so anytime you are concerned about making a change or taking a risk, from wearing a bright lipstick to trying out the latest trends to cutting all your hair off (gasp!!) be confident. "just own it." trust me, you wont regret it.

paris in a jar.
good friends of ours recently arrived home from paris.
(ooh, paris. i miss you...)
they brought home with them this little find (merci!!) i say little but it brings with it big feelings of happiness. ive been searching for some time now for a lip balm that actually works.
sound the trumpets, we have a winner!
thankfully, one can order it from the states... but as for this time? its the real deal for me ;)

a few lovely things.
fresh squeezed oranges to cool down.
big sur driftwood. better late than never ;)

a few lovely things.
this boy. happy anni, babe!
my new madewell bracelet has not left my wrist for two weeks.
wildflowers picked on a hike.
a dachshund plate that doubles as a soap dish.

a few lovely things.
daniel bought me these tulips because i was feeling poorly last week, they made me feel better.
i love kombucha on a hot day.
this pillow is fabulously comfy.
we bought this outside firepit for our yard this summer, its going to see a lot of action.
i wish i could send the smell out to the internet world!!

a stylists take (bangs).

//thick + side-swept//
//blunt + straight//
short feathery bangsshort feathery bangsshort feathery bangs
//short + textured//
//images via pinterest//

trends (most often) have a 6 year pattern: 2 years of being on the runway and in fashion magazines. once the trend has gained momentum, it is found full force in the public for 2 years. finally, it takes about another 2 years as it loses popularity. i say most often because some trends are short-lived (ie. feather and tinsel extensions) and others last much longer than 6 years. bangs are a prime example of this. the trend became mainstream in 2006 with anne hathaways blunt bang hitting the big screen in the devil wears prada. i remember this because i was only in my second year of working in the salon and i cut too many anne hathaway bangs to count-- not to boast, but ive gotten quite good (all thanks to anne!!).

bangs have stayed the course and thats hard to do in this trend-hungry world. granted, there is room for great variety, as shown above. so how do you know which bang is best for you?

much depends on four factors: texture, face shape (ask your stylist about these factors during your consultation) and personal style (this being, in my opinion, the most important factor and can often trump the others. if you want a certain look and it suits your style, more often than not you can pull it off despite hair texture or face shape. just own it!!). another factor to consider is maintenance -- extra time to style them each day and regular bang trims every 3 or 4 weeks.

why not give this trend a try? trust me, it wont be like the time your mother or big sister cut your bangs when you were 9 years old (ive heard so many stories....) ;).

fabulous friday to all + happy weekend!

a few lovely things.

carrot, apple, parsley + lemon juice:
daniel agreed to juice with me for dinner monday thru thursday, here's to more energy!
these rifle paper co. notebooks. arent they so cheery??

a stylists take (brows).

wow. thats a close-up. but its for educational purposes... thats ok, right?
note: please forgive wrinkles, blackheads, etc ;)

so, brows. many have expressed to me they have trouble figuring out shaping + coloring in their brows. so this is the down-low on brows (yes, down-low):

shape: a straight line upward from the inner corner of the eye indicates the start of the brow slanting upward, a straight line from the outer corner of the eye indicates the change in the brows direction (rounded softly) downward, a diagonal line from the tip of the nose toward the outer corner of the eye points to where the brow should end. fuller brows are in style. dont be afraid!! if done in a soft and tasteful way, bold brows look great.

color: whether a pencil or shadow + brush (i use the latter-- i love it) try to get as close to your hair color as possible. if your hair is black, a shade lighter is fine; if your hair is platinum, a shade darker is good so that the brows can be seen. when in doubt, ask a friend.

happy friday!! its the weekend!

a few lovely things.

my best friend bought me flowers from the farmers market.
we ate these: strawberry, basil, balsamic + goat cheese crostinis. yumm.
my grandma and i bonded recently over succulents. these seriously make me so happy.
fires in the fireplace because the nites are still a little chilly!

a stylists take (chromatics).

chromatics is the newest permanent color line released by redken. ive been enjoying working with it for the past year or so. what sets it apart from other color lines? two main differences are:

1. its oil based. this makes the consistency of the color much thicker and creamier. the oil base brings so much moisture that it allays any color-stained forehead concern. it also means that this line is best for thick, coarse, frizz-prone hair as it has serious smoothing capabilities. if your hair is very flat + fine, it may not be for you.

2. its ammonia free. can i hear a hip hip hooooray?! its about time right? ammonia free, full-coverage, permanent color. someone pinch me. the lack of ammonia means no smell!

they have created a full range of color options. for a color that is unique to your style + needs, leave me a note for an appointment!

fantastic weekend to all, its friday!!

a few lovely things.

champagne: pinot noir brut rose from traders with a $8 price tag. very worth it.
we stole this beautiful shell from the bahamas last december... (hopefully, thats OK!?)
love this book on travelling the west coast of the usa and canada.
the owl doorstop because this door needs to always stay open.
(not the little grey cat, although she has her lovely moments).
this soap has been just to look at for years now, i may use it someday, but its so preeeety...

a stylists take (the perfect blowdry).
hair and make-up is that way ;)
this is my new tee from zara (i just had to, i mean really, itd be wrong not to... right??)

so this stylists take is about the perfect blowdry.
its inspired by recent events involving the death of my faithful blowdryer of eight years.

to start youll need:
-blowdry gel or lotion (i recommend redken satinwear or velvet gelatine)
-1 or 2 butterfly clips (dependind on hair thickness)
-ceramic round brush (smaller size = more wave, bigger size = less wave)
-blowdryer (my new one is a croc, its fantastic, you should hear its hummm)

section the hair into 4 sections (down the middle and from ear to ear). if you have a bang, blow the bang out first. move thru each section in half inch partings starting at the bottom and work your way to the top. this is more time consuming than a hap-hazard blowdry (and certainly more time consuming than an airdry) but definitely worth the time. results are a shiny, voluminous and smooth style.

happy styling + happy weekend!

//dedicated to my pink chi//

a few lovely things.
my favorite blanket.
these flowers in a itty bitty vase.  
i cleaned out our closet, yipeee! 
tiger balm: saved my life this week. 

a stylists take (gamine).

this post is about my most favorite haircut ever: gamine.

i have had this haircut for over a year. a whole year! this is noteworthy because i havent had the same haircut for over a year since i was thirteen years old. what this means is i really love this cut.

the word gamine means a girl with mischievous or boyish charm. and it is true that wearing this cut can bring out your playful and frolicsome side. it is low maintenance (except for regular trims, every 4 - 5 weeks) and makes a statement. it is perfect for those with an oval or heart shaped face. those with fine, straight hair can wear it with the most ease; however, it is possible for girls with coarser, wavy hair to pull it off well (more texturing is needed on the part of the stylist, more product and effort is necessary in the day to day styling).

if you have been thinking about a taking the plunge and going for a short cut, i highly recommend this style. if youre ready, tell your stylist...
hopefully, thats me ;)

a few lovely things.
daniels new tie.
"as long as i got my suit n tie..." (oh, JT...)
almost time for a new capri blue candle.
a shoe mess. a mess of most anything makes me break out in hives, but a mess of shoes? i take pictures. why is that?

a stylists take (tribal).

the tribal trend:

patterns, chevron, chambray, triangles, arrows, heck even ombre (i know its a french word but it fits in nice and neat with the rest). i would ask "have you noticed?" except that this trend is going full force, its pretty fierce. you would have to wear blinders in the mall not to notice it.

i hate to admit, since it is so trendy... (oh, who are we kidding) that i love it, i mean LOVE. its bad... its come to the point where i am doodling arrows on my planner, my appointment book, any stray piece of paper i can get my hands on. gone are the days where i scribble daniels name with hearts all around (sorry babe!) now its fashion trends, ideas and designs.

unfortunately, though, as is the case when trends get really popular, there are cheap, tacky options and classy, tasteful options.
note: classy + tasteful does not always mean break-the-bank expensive (thank goodness, right?) because who would want to spend a hundred bucks on a tee you'll be wearing for one or two seasons?? no one. believe it or not, a trip to forever 21 may be enough to satisfy your needs.
the key is to be on the look out for pieces that are made well, with patterns that are not overly busy. also, make sure it fits. i know that seems obvious but theres nothing worse than a print top or (heaven forbid) pant that is too tight. pair the statement piece with denim or neutral, low key colors. last tip? dress it up with a fun piece of jewelry. (recently, my favorite has been a llama necklace by madewell).

happy friday, have fun getting dressed this weekend!

a few lovely things.
got this blanket on sale at nordstroms home department. its seriously soft.
this thief+bandit pillow case came in the mail last week.
(tell me: what is better than getting something in the mail?!!)
(ps. im having a serious love affair with all things native-american-inspired...)
this chevron bag.
gift from a friend: a pink orchid.
earrings from madewell.
(in celebration of their arrival in san diego, yeesssss) 

on going lighter.
im a little unsure. that being said, having lighter hair is beginning to grow on me. being a stylist, i like to pride myself in being fearless. which, i really truly am (probably more than i should be, and definitely more than i should be proud of) but this time i surprised myself a little. its taken me longer than i though (granted, its only been 4 days) to get used to a new hair color. i change my cut all the time, grow it, cut it all off, repeat. but ive been a brunette (variations thereof, but brunette nonetheless) for 12 years. twelve. so its about time to shake things up, color-wise, that is. right?? so yaay for breaking out of my box!! and many apologies to my husband whose only opinion about my hair is he likes it dark... oops ;)

a few lovely things.
a few little things making me smile today are:
1. its fires every nite weather, my favorite!! even though theyre fake logs... argh. lets not focus on that, shall we?
2. this owl statue find from a local thrift shop (seriously love it)
3. needs no explanation... i mean, just look at that face. pure evil.


"think BIG...
if you're the kind of woman who likes anonymity in her wardrobe-- who prefers the utilitarian uniform of an all-white pantsuit or a little black shift to any bold statement of personal style-- this, frankly, isn't your season.
hold on to your hats: fall is going to blow in like a gale, on the winds of what we are calling hyperfashion-- all the best pieces exaggerated, pushed to the nth degree. prints are kinetic or magnified. fabrics are slicked up or metallicized. even the minimalist silhouettes are coming on stronger, pieced together in cool interesting planes of flat, powerful color. many of the best workday looks fall from shoulders as wide as a clothes hanger. hair is windblown, lips a slash of unabashed matte red.
chic is a confidence game. go big or go home."
if the above quote inspires you as much as it inspired me, click on fashion + style for more.


fall is fast approaching and am i ever glad... except in southern ca it remains freakishly hot thru october and with each passing day i grow ever more annoyed, miffed, irked and otherwise irritated with the absurdity of the autumn heat wave. i am on a quest to sport the new fall fashions and its still upwards of 80 degrees. tights, cardigans, boots... my heart skips a beat just thinking about it. dressing up in your cutest fall outfit to go out into the crisp, fresh air, crunching thru the fallen leaves to drink a hot apple cider at a local coffee shop... i can hardly wait.

for some of you, this opportunity will come to you alot sooner than for me (why dont i live on the east coast?!?) and so here is my fall trends diatribe summed up into one word: TEXTURE. whether its leather (or pleather, if you will), velvet, tweed or lace, they all have a place (rhyming unintended...) in your fall collection. be on the lookout for leather done in a tasteful way; for instance, panels or sleeves on a top, and for the brave (and mind you, thin) people try fitted pants or leggings. another thing to keep in mind with real or fake leather, if its not neutral or black, it does not belong on your body. vibrant colored leather bags on the other hand are quite the opposite story, adding pop and a statement of individuality to your wardrobe.

happy shopping in the best season for fashion to all!

a few lovely things.

rosette bedding. rabbit dish. capri blue candle.

vintage rabbit drawing. brass vase.

orange hand-knit scarf.

fox fur stole.
boutique in shanghai

love poems of lord byron.

hedgehog pin. owl ring.

cream jersey knit sheets.

a stylists take: spring 2012

Has anyone else noticed the French influence for Spring fashion? I was flipping through the Spring Nordstrom catalog a couple weeks back and saw it woven throughout. And NOW I have been seeing it all over the place. Number one attention- getter? LACE, LACE, LACE. I LOVE lace. It's feminine and classic and glamorous. If you pair it with florals or even denim it is fantastic. Has anyone else noticed the denim?? It is like structure is meeting up with whimsical and creating magic. I am so looking forward to finding further inspiration this season and channelling my inner French girl. So here's to a new season and hopefully a bit of shopping for all! Au revoir!


I had a break from the salon so I went to lunch with a friend. After lunch I still had an hour to kill before my next client... So of course I did what any reasonable, sensible girl would do with an hour to kill... 
when I walked into Nordstrom, I noticed the display. the sign read: 

"she goes everywhere. but never wears just anything. after all, she says, the world is my runway."

I can't stop thinking about it. I love fashion, however, I will at times go out without much thought to my appearance. This one quote may have changed all that. Why not always look your best? It's worth it to take a little time and put forth a little effort every day to look our best, isn't it? It makes quite a difference in the day when you have dressed yourself thoughtfully and on purpose. Dressing is an art that takes talent and practice. Each and every day should count. After all, the world is our runway.


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