why the hedgehog chronicle?
a word about my forest fixation...

it's hard to pinpoint when the obsession began. it was a few years ago that my best friend brought it to my attention: "there is a woodland creatures theme in your house." she was right. the vintage rabbit print on the wall, the fox candle on the windowsill, the squirrel hook in the dressing room. most recently it's a gift from my mother-- the kate spade tote with a hedgehog print... bestill my heart.

why the love of woodland creatures? mainly because i envy them. they always seem to be at ease, going according to their own timetable, never in a hurry. they are where i want to be, chasing clouds on a cold windy day, weaving through pine trees, lounging in meadows. they live in a peaceful place...
something like the hundred acre wood, i imagine.
therefore and in lieu of the above, this blog catalogs my adventures and musings, many as they are, that are a nod to these woodland creatures marching to the beat of their own drum. maybe one day we will actually live a little more like them. in the meantime, there's the hedgehog chronicle.


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