scandinavian adventure // iceland (part one)


i kept repeating it... again and again : 
"this is a dreamland. i am in a dream. can this be real life?" 
even now i can't wrap my mind around it. it seems more a magical, mystical, unreal place. a place that could exist only in imagination. i could hardly sleep for the six nights we were there. just that light sleep that is more a blurry awakeness. in my conscious and unconscious states thoughts of this place danced in my head. they consumed me and i was unable to silence them. daniel joked that i was overstimulated, like a baby thats been entertained for far too long. and he was right. from the moment our plane touched icelandic soil and i caught my first glimpse of the lupine lining the tarmac i was enamored. we hit the ground running fast and we didn't stop for seven days. the story to follow is the day-by-day tale of my love affair with iceland.
first stop : reykjavik for two nights. we stayed at kex hostel which is awesome. it is probably too hip for us but oh well ;) the room was perfect - clean with a view of the water and mountains behind. the breakfast costs extra but is delicious and fuels you for the long day ahead. plus skyr has my heart. i could write a whole blog post about skyr alone ... but lets save that for another day. kex bar and common area are great - very relaxed vibes. plus there was live music which added so much to our stay. we wandered the city on day one, did some shopping and bought a mug that says i don't speak icelandic (in icelandic) then ate at this great place. from reykjavik on our day two we did the "golden circle". the landscapes on this route are other-worldly and ever-changing. were we on mars? the moon? we weren't certain. the highlights of the golden circle are Þingvellir national parkgeyser and gullfoss.  
from reykjavik we set off eastward on ring road toward vik. south iceland is incredible. every few minutes i would squeal with glee - "look! a waterfall!" (eventually daniel said perhaps we should point out when there is NOT a waterfall as that would be more out of the ordinary.) in addition to waterfall announcements we took turns pointing out lambs. white lamb! black lamb! spotted lamb! ... you get the idea. mama and lambs - usually two lambs per mama - along with wildflowers dotted the vibrant green pastures. they were often in the roads taking their time to cross, never in a rush. we adored watching them play and nurse, little tails wagging at high speed. (an extra thanks to these sheep because we also made our way to a local woolen mill for some precious treasures.) the stretch between reykjavik and vik boasts an uncountable amount of breathtaking sights. pictured below were some of our favorites : seljalandsfossseljavallalaug pooleyjafjallajökull, and skógafoss.

oh and the endless lupine fields... miles on miles on miles in the black volcanic sand. for the story on lupine in iceland click here.

our iceland story days three through seven to be cont.
in the meantime click here to read up on our favorite part of icelandic culture ;)

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