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this may marks our ten year anniversary -- a whole decade!! in celebration we took a trip -- just the two of us. part anniversary gift from our family & part anniversary gift from ourselves, we sailed out of LA to vancouver via san francisco & victoria. it was so restful to be at sea, where miles upon miles of blue ocean meet sky. how could staring at the same scene for hours never get old? we read & relaxed (even napped) on the ship while we made our way to san francisco. we only had the day so we decided to do something new this time around. we headed to an area called bernal heights for lunch at a great place then hiked up its high hill / dog park (what used to be a quarry) for amazing city views pictured below. 
after another day at sea we made it to british columbia. we were in victoria which is on the southern end of vancouver island. off we went to breathtaking butchart gardens to gaze in awe at tulips galore. oh tulip season! who knew there is such a variety of just ONE kind of flower!?

we arrived in vancouver the next morning and parted ways with our ship and our beautiful balcony (whom i had developed quite the bond with), rented our car and decided to check out granville island which we highly recommend. the granville island public market is teeming with activity and excitement not to mention delicious eats. i got a lox bagel of course and we sat outside on the marinas edge watching the hustle & bustle of the city. i knew at that point that vancouver was going to be one of my all-time favorite cities. it reminded us of home; so many similarities to san diego only even better weather -- in our opinion as rain lovers that is ;)
from there we drove to north vancouver to our home away from home for the next three nights. it was in the most picturesque spot we had ever seen. the area is called deep cove and being there is like being in a novel. i felt as if i had been there hundreds of times before but only in my imagination.
our airbnb could not have been more perfect. it was bright and clean with large windows boasting a view of the water just across the road. it included kayaks that we used to go paddling on the indian arm early one morning. other adventures included driving the sea & sky highway to whistler for the day. we took the gondola up to the top of the mountain for views unlike anything we have experienced. never have i felt so small! the day was sunny and clear. on the mountain there was just enough briskness in the air for a scarf and much snow -- which lent itself to spring skiing and boarding, but at the base of the mountain people were cycling, hiking and shedding their layers for shorts and t-shirts. wide open spaces and stunning landscapes put whistler blackcomb on our "must return" list.
more explorations in north vancouver were lynn canyon's suspension bridge & thirty foot pool and hiking to quarry rock for views of deep cove and downtown vancouver cityscape.

we left vancouver with heavy hearts so for a pick-me-up / send off we went here for the best ice cream EVER. farewell for now vancouver, many thanks to you for making our celebration of ten years together a memorable one.

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