a stylists take: grow out


the time has come. the time to grow out that short haircut. for many women the time came months ago, even years ago. what held them back? fear. uncertainty. laziness... just to name a few. it never seems like the right time to bite the bullet and suffer through the dreaded "awkward stage." but what if there is no awkward stage? game-changer, i know. so hear me out: there is a way to grow out that pixie cut in a stylish, on-purpose manner.
follow the below tips for a stress-free grow out period:

tip one: 
book your stylist. make haircut appointments every six to eight weeks. one of the biggest mistakes that makes for an unsuccessful grow out is never getting a haircut or letting too much time go by in between appointments. "get a haircut when you are trying to GROW your hair?!" you may ask? absolutely. when the hair loses all shape and becomes completely unmanageable is exactly when one gives up altogether. that is where the aforementioned "awkward stage" thrives. regular trims become especially crucial when growing out a pixie cut. the nape needs to be cleaned up consistently while the sides grow out to meet it. a mullet is the alternative. no thanks.

tip two: 
routine switch-up. we all have our styling habits. when we have a certain hairstyle for a measure of time we get used to it and that is just how we style our hair -- blow-out with a flat brush, blow-out with a round brush, blow-out with a comb, blow-out with fingers, blow-out haphazardly, flat-iron straight, flat-iron waves, curling iron, curling wand, air-dry, or my all time favorite: roll out of bed and spray in some spray wax. just to name a few. whatever your routine, once your haircut changes shape change your routine. (i learned this the hard way years ago when i continued to style my longer hair messy like i styled my short cut. looking back on pictures it strongly resembled a lions mane. no joke.) not sure when to switch-up the routine? ask your stylist.

tip three: 
long live product! do not shy away from product. however, know that product change-ups will be necessary during the grow out process. for instance: volume is a bad word with a cropped cut but as length develops volume products are a godsend to fight flatness. waxes and pastes are helpful with both long and short styles but are used in different ways. your stylist can help you find the right products to suit your needs as your hair changes shape. some current favorites? redken velvet gelatine and satinwear are "one size fits all" choices for a smooth blow-dry. also, quick tease is an aerosol spray to create a airy, teased effect sans the backcombing, bye-bye rats nest. the new flex collection by redken is also amazing, pomade-like texture designed to go in towel-dried hair before its hit with the blowdryer. gives the hair texture and hold. 

may these tips lend a helping hand in the fight against grow out stigma. ;)
any questions or feedback please leave a comment below.

2 note/s:

  1. you a smartie!! but all said n' dun, I am too old for long hair, so I'll keep my shorter hair. Although I do see my stylist regularly and sometimes go from shorter (summer) to a little longer (winter) each year. But never "long"!! I wonder if you can add the redken link to click on when read your blog?

  2. I love these posts :) this is where you shine. Bravo! Bravo!



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