a study in gray


cement with new life.
march skies.
hand-dyed cotton, a little rough around the edges.
this fuzzy fur.
granite rock close-up.

a stylists take: monochromatic.


i've always been one to follow the trends. and i'm not ashamed! its actually quite fun. 
firstly, it goes with my job description. and secondly, i am certainly never bored. 

its been a long time since i have done a stylist's take. so long that i am embarrassed to admit, although you can find out how long its been with only a couple clicks of your mouse. its funny because fashion is actually my most favorite topic to write. its where my passion lies. then why do i avoid it? this is something i am trying to figure out myself but heres what i have so far:
i have been putting pressure on myself that each style post has to be top notch. and of course i want it to be. but sometimes my own head is my worst enemy and i need to write about what i want to write about and just hope for the best. you feel me? i hope so!

i always have a wealth of style-related thoughts that go through my mind on a daily basis:
 what should i wear? should i change my hair color? to grow out or not to grow out? how much make-up is too much make-up? what items are worth $$ and what items are cheap-out-worthy? dressing for the season, dressing for an event, dressing for work, dressing for bed. and of course thoughts about how other people dress -- some of those thoughts i probably shouldn't share ;)

so today and lately my mind has been focused on monochromatic. i have been noticing this trend and its so out of my box. i am usually always with a pop of color. and now? nothing. zip on the color. i have been leaning toward black, white, gray, chambray and neutrals in general. based on a purchase the other day someone asked me if i had to wear an all-black uniform to work. hmm. nonetheless, i have been loving it. my wardrobe finally has some key and basic pieces that it has been missing for sometime. i have a lot of statement pieces because they are always the ones that draw me but now the pieces with the draw are the black cotton tees. 
ohh one-hundred-percent cotton how i love you. who would have thought? 
(but lets leave feelings about all natural fibers for another post or i will end up on a tirade of sorts.)

so dressing in a monochromatic way leaves much to the imagination. my favorite two ways to make up for the lack of color are in variance in texture and styling with innovative jewelry and accessories. so if you decide to go out in barely-different shades of white this spring make sure the textures stand out as separate and this will add interest. also bring in a focal point with a cool clutch, shoes or necklace. you'll end up with a natural, simple and fashion forward look.

please feel free to leave questions and/or comments below!
oh and happy monday ;)

a few lovely things (spring edition).


these booties
patio chair hand-me-downs.
fresh green growth.
clearing out some clutter and aiming for simplicity.
april first anniversary gift waiting on the fireplace. ;)

first day of spring.

in honor of springs beginning i brought these beauts into our home.
the above is a staghorn fern that i hope to nurture enough so it will grow and eventually be mounted on the wall. (if you have tips, pretty please leave a comment!) and below, of course, a baby cactus.

happy spring!

realisations about growing old, etc.


the other nite i was watching friends reruns before bed, bing was in my lap, daniel was already asleep (as he often is) and the house was quiet. it was the episode when rachel turned thirty. she was have a little bit of a mental breakdown about it and they recapped the reactions of all the others when they turned thirty.

thirty. the big three-zero. they were all freaked out about turning thirty. and it occurred to me like a ton of bricks as i sat with my cat in the glow of the tv: we are their age. me, daniel, all our friends are rachel, monica, ross, phoebe, joey and chandlers age. wait a second, when did that happen?!

the next day i whined to daniel-- "but they are so ooold!" as i explained the previous nite's revelation, "we can't be their age." of course he could not resist pointing out that television characters do not continue to age after the show is cancelled. he also pointed out that the actors, the real people, do continue to age and are, in fact, still older than us. maybe he didn't really understand how i felt. do you??

when friends was in its prime, i was a teen. they seemed so grown-up to me, living on their own in nyc. now we are the ones that are grown-ups, living on our own, albeit not in nyc (which also bums me out). we are now their age. and somehow that is very strange. i have never been concerned about getting older, but maybe that was because i was young. hmm. i know i still am young and if anyone past their thirties is reading this i'm probably receiving some very giant eye rolls from across the internet. yep, i can feel them coming. but this was the first time that i had major pause about my age (and a friends rerun brought it on... who would have thought?) and i know its just the beginning of many more to come...

all of the above being said, at least along with age comes experience, maturity and lessons learned. it brings even stronger friendships and beautiful memories. those are all things that make growing up and growing older worthwhile.


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