flu season is the pits.


these past couple months the flu has been making its rounds with a mad sort of fury. friends and clients of mine being hit one by one. reports of this nasty bug came from all around. it was a wonder to me how i hadn't yet been struck. it even hit daniel hard the week before last. i counted down the days. surely, since it horned its way into my family, into my home, i dare not escape. one day, two days, three days passes and daniels on the mend. i began to have grandiose thoughts about how valiant my immune system must be. i have avoided the plague once more! under the grimmest of circumstances! the unlikeliest of chances! i know you know where this is headed...

seven days. one week to the day. the sore throat crept up ever so insidiously that afternoon but by evening i could barely swallow. i knew i was doomed. strangely though, after two days of this, i started to feel better. others had warned me that it hangs on to suck the life out of you for days. again i was thinking i had gotten the better of it. i had won! this flu is no match for me!

fooled once more. that's its sinister trick. evil flu. back with a vengeance it came. congestion, aches, runny nose, watery eyes, sneezing... possible sinus infection looming before me. the threat of doctors and antibiotics were the key to causing me to press the pause button on life. i cancelled my work yesterday and today to rest and pump myself full of vitamins, orange juice and homemade chicken soup. i tried to take care of myself the way i took care of daniel. not the easiest of tasks when you feel like you are letting people down or when the dishes in the sink are staring you down. despite those variables i did a fairly good job (i did do those dishes though).

lets hope this thing is on its way to being kicked.
tomorrow its back to the land of the living. fingers are crossed for survival. ;)

what are your cold/flu remedies? any home remedies and trusty stand-bys are welcome here!

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  1. apparently being sick didn't damper your creative writing mind.... :)
    Get well soon.... You know all my flu remedies, but I'll just remind you about Vick's.
    I think it works great.



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