annual family winter brunch.


the first year daniel + i were married we decided to have both of our families over for brunch. we didnt then know that it would turn out to be a yearly tradition. every winter we have "annual family winter brunch" and this was our ninth year. (for year ten we will have to do something really off the charts!)

its an event we all look forward to more and more with each passing year. we get the apartment all gussied up and in the case of this year we gussied the patio as well. we borrowed patio furniture from my gram and daniel made an amazing "live edge" table out of a tree. he found this gorgeous piece of eucalyptus on his way home from work one day and thought, "i should make this into a table." then, he did, with the help of two friends. sometimes i wonder what it would be like to have a mind that worked like his. ;)

it was the perfect day for a brunch, not overly warm as it has been lately. the clouds smiled down upon me, they must have known i desperately wanted to have a fire. 
on the menu? smoked salmon tea sandwiches by my mama, orange-cranberry scones with orange marmalade by my grandma, daniels famous belgian waffles + berry compote and my sausage torta rustica. oh, and fresh squeezed blood orange juice and berries for mimosas of course! 
we ate and visited for hours and then gradually one by one our family left. i know we see each other often but i cant help but always feel a small tinge of sadness when its over. 

until next year!

(ps. my best friend that has been living in china for the past couple years came home for a surprise visit soo she and her family were with us as well -- making this year even more extra special. xox)

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  1. It was a lovely time. Great pictures! And, Yes! let's make 10th one extra special. :) looking forward....



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