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so maybe i was a little overly ambitious. when my blog got its makeover back in april-ish i had this (what i thought to be) reasonable goal of five posts each week: monday thru friday. turns out? not so reasonable. no, not at all. i haven't written about style in eons (which is actually what i wanted to write the most) and on the rare occasion i do sit down with my laptop its more so ramblings about nonsense and who knows what else.
i set this unreasonable goal and in doing so set myself up for failure. ive done this before (ie. gym goals in particular. "i will work out an hour a day every day!" ppsshhh). i will imagine up grand ideas and then mayday!! crash, burn, etc.
now, it is possible i have figured out how to solve it. (maybe). in a word: balance. instead of five posts each week and ending up with nada/zip, how about aiming for one each week? we will see how this new grand idea pans out. since its really more mediocre than grand it may actually work.

now! after that mini diatribe, the weekend! last nite we had our good friends over to celebrate their ten year anniversary. (side note: we have friends that have been married ten years?? and that's us in a year and a half. yikes.)
we made a cheese and hummus platter and had lentils and lavash for dinner. the whole thing had a semi middle eastern feel to it. we even ate on the floor using our hands. what fun i tell you! we migrated more toward the UK for dessert because we had scotch. (i know i know,  that's not technically dessert -- its better).
congrats to j+m, ten years is only the beginning. ;)

also, one fantastic side benefit to having friends over is it motivated us to bust out that ancient to-do list, blow the dust off, and get to work. saturday included our usual morning routine followed by cleaning, grocery shopping, more cleaning, painting, landscaping and reorganizing much of our tiny apartment. it really does wonders to have some of those things crossed off that list!

hoping all had a fabulous and stress-free weekend...
oh, and monday! if that's possible ;)

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  1. You are simply too cute for words!! I suppose we all fall into that "grand" goal scheme that ends up being more than we can handle. Will look forward to the one post a week.... been missing your blogs! I supposed the apple doesn't fall far from the tree now does it? :)



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