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new york has left a trail of mayhem in its wake. virtually every moment since we have arrived back home seems packed to the brim with activities, some essential and some non-essential. this leaves me filling any vestige of down-time with mindless instagram scrolling, endless law and order marathons and anything else that requires not even one ounce of energy.
nevertheless! here i am with a very overdue post about my grandparents sixty-first wedding anniversary. married sixty-one years, can you imagine?? they have quite the story. mind you, they each have their own version.  they are two of my very, very most favorite people on the planet. so we try to do a special something each year for their special day. my mom and i planned this year a beach picnic. we brought along their schnauzer barnabas levi (who we simply call barney) to play in the sand. it was his first time to the beach and didn't know quite what to make of it all. the day was beyond beautiful. im not always the greatest fan of the sunny weather (understatement?) but even i thought the day couldn't have been more perfect.
later, we headed to my parents house for cribbage, cocktails, gift-opening and homemade french stew. i also made a pumpkin pie because even if its warm its still november and im stubborn ;)
twas a good day.
more updates pending... ;)
//dedicated to my poppy + maukie//

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  1. 70 degrees and sunny at the beach. It was absolutely a perfect day. :)



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