solitary winery time.


ive never been one to go places alone. eat at a restaurant alone? never. after today though? i just might.

i went to our local winery for a wine pick-up and thought while im here why not do a tasting? just one. how spontaneous! it was perfect: so calm. so reflective. so un-stacey like. all i kept thinking was how beautiful twilight hour is this time of year and how the sunset shimmers across the vineyard. lemme tell you, those are some fabulous monday vibes. and i discovered something! i like to be alone in a public place sometimes-- other than the mall-- that I already knew ;) 

happy monday folks. some weekend snippets to follow... eventually. ;)

2 note/s:

  1. Oh, how nice. I like going to lunch by myself sometimes. Sitting down and just being peaceful.... Sorry I couldn't meet you yesterday, but I'm glad you discovered some pleasant relaxing alone time!! :)



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