snippets of the weekend (delayed).


this past weekend was such a memorable one filled with the kind of events that one keeps close to their heart forever. it's one of those things that even i, the queen of sharing and bearing it all, will (believe it or not) keep from telling all of internet land (well i guess minus IG for any who cares to sneak and peak...) some things are just too special to splash all over the place. that being said though, family dinner at my grams house sunday for all to see! 
my gram made her homemade apple sauce just for me! she still spoils me like crazy ;) what a restful sunday. hope everyone's weekend was filled with lovely things to share and maybe some even more lovely things to tuck away in your mind and heart for always. 

2 note/s:

  1. that was a super good dinner.... the roasted pork was perfection... and the cooked cabbage as well as applesauce... then the roasted potatoes.... Aggghhh... can't pick a favorite!! haha. Topped off with fine wine and family. :)

  2. I agree with you about some things being too precious to blog about. Sometimes I worry that people interpret that as my not caring but it's actually totally the opposite. :) Also, your photo looks like a Norman Rockwell painting!



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