i left my heart in new york city.


so here she is. after all of that planning, posting, planning, posting and repeat... here she is. NYC.
the big apple. the city that never sleeps. (and really-truly, i don't think this city ever sleeps. i am exhausted.) this being my fourth trip though, i felt like i knew what to expect. surely this time i wouldnt be surprised by anything right? boy was i wrong. 
although i knew i loved new york, i didn't expect to fall in love with it all over again, even more than ever before. there are so many memories tied up in this city, so much emotion. at the same time, there are future chances and opportunities in the air. that combination is enchanting to say the least.
("your mother was enchanting." "yes she was, how did you know that?!" i should mention there was a lot of you've got mail quoting as well).
we arrived wednesday nite, ate shake shack and explored. we had thursday on our own in midtown, central park + the lower east side. we went here, herehere, and here with tons of wandering in between which is what we do the best. ;) we ended up at a cute little pub where we chilled with a pint on a cozy couch and people watched. new york city has hands down the greatest people watching.
friday my best friend arrived early in the morning. we went to meet friends in brooklyn.
friday was most likely the best day. we saw old friends and met new friends. i heart brooklyn, by the way. for dinner we went to jack the horse in brooklyn heights. check it out next time youre in brooklyn -- the drinks and mac + cheese are delish. lastly, we were off to midtown manhattan for a view only a rooftop lounge had to offer. the moon shone thru the high rises. it was stunning. 
saturday we went into central park and stumbled upon a autumn festival where we grabbed hot cider and meandered thru the park snapping pictures of bright orange and yellow trees as the leaves blew off the limbs by the dozens... the stuff of my dreams. we found belvedere castle where daniel and i (and others... i was just so starry eyed i barely remember that part) went when we were eighteen and fifteen (respectively). we took our picture in the very same turret as we did 12 years ago. we also took our picture on a park bench imitating another picture from that same trip of years past. we were shoulder to shoulder (touching but not touching). awwww. ;)
from there we were off to the MET for a tour that was almost four hours long and was quite mind-blowing for lack of better words (i have notes in my journal -- you know, paper and pencil. if anyones interested). after the MET we found a quaint upper eastside pub for savory pies and a scotch selection unlikely to find outside of scotland.
sunday we headed up to the upper west side to hit zabars, riverside park and grays papaya (for the first time! seriously the best hot dogs around). find @hedghogchronicle on IG for our you've got mail snapshots (including kathleen kellys brownstone). we met up with friends in williamsburg for some shopping on the street and in the shops. williamsburg is the hipster area of brooklyn, super fun. then we grabbed thai at joya (perfect if youre looking for good food at normal people prices in the city). our friend took us up to the rooftop of his neighboring building for a breath-taking (literally breath-taking it was sooooo cold) view of the manhattan skyline and statue of liberty all lit up.
our last day was definitely the monday blues. we bought bagels and strolled thru the union street greenmarket for the morning. lunch was a shake shack again in madison square park nearby our hostel. we picked up our luggage and off to the e-train and JFK.
home again, home again. la-dee-da.
 but a note to the big city:
 you really do have my heart.
//dedicated to NYC//

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  1. Great trip!! So glad you had such a wonderful time.... can't say "relaxing"!! but wonderful. :)
    Thanks for the Zabar's coffee mug.



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