snippets of the weekend.


this weekend was a three day weekend and most of the activity was on friday. i took friday off (but daniel didn't, he had to work, poor guy) because the time had come to say goodbye (or zaijian as the chinese say) to courtney. it was pretty much awful but we did a pretty good job i daresay making the best of things thru the day. we did hair -- and by we i mean me ;) and got ready for the ball game at petco park together. padres won yaayy!

it was a pretty emotional day so we spent saturday and sunday recovering by doing responsible and cathartic activities, such as cleaning and organizing the closet ;)

//dedicated to my sister and best friend, it was a blast... until next time. love you to the moon and back xoxo//

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  1. It was a fun night!! Loved the fireworks too. Hey! I made it into the blog!! haha....I love you to the moon & back!!



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