snippets of the weekend.


with friends visiting from out of town and our 20th annual beach camping trip just around the corner, life has been moving at a rapid speed. ahhhh camping, we all cannot wait. each year seems to get more and more hectic, life's stress and changes make this time together with family and friends that really truly are family all the more precious. the anticipation builds and then it's time. time to relax, time for sandy juice (my moms oh-so-delicious long island iced teas -- this year i got special mason jars with handles and lids to drink it in because dressing it up cute makes it taste even better), time for sunshine, laughter, tanlines, freckles, bare feet, sand, saltwater, crashing waves, scrabble matches, and campfires that linger into the wee hours. bring it on.

this past weekend flew by. saturday spent with daniels brother, his wife and their kids. it was so nice to be together and catch up. they live a few hours north of us in lovely santa barbara so we savor our time together as it is not as much or often as we would like. as for sunday, it was relaxed, just the usual sunday groove. and preparing ourselves for the whirlwind that is this week!

happy tuesday to all and to all a good nite. ;)

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  1. Oh! fun... mason jars for sandyJuice!! sooo looking forward to our new relaxed, laid-back camping theme...



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