snippets of the weekend.


this weekend was filled with much but surprisingly low key and relaxing. the above snippets are from a mustache themed baby shower for friends of ours that are having a boy very soon (congrats to them!). the party was at a lovely park with a playground for all the kids and a baseball field for the older kids, like daniel. ;) it was a hot, humid, sticky, hot, balmy, caribbean-like, un-southern-california-like (did i mention hot??) weekend. we expected being out in the heat at the park would be miserable but i pretended we were on vacation and it was actually quite enjoyable!

sunday we rested in the morning and went to our good friends house to welcome home from china one of my very best best friends. she has been living there for two years and is home for her sisters wedding. we brought in this special occasion with party hats, noise makers, silly string and of course, champagne. welcome home court!! xoxo

and happy september!

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