pumpkin patch date.


today we went to the pumpkin patch.
the pumpkin patch i am pretty sure is one of my most happy places. isnt it so quintessentially fall?

daniel, ever so lovingly, agreed to do a sunset photo shoot of me for an IG contest to win a five hundred dollar madewell shopping spree. first of all, how great is he? and secondly, weeeeeee! could you imagine if i actually won?! i never win anything though i really think im jinxed in the winning of contests department. i don't know which ones to post yet, feel free to give me your input! they pick three winners on october 6th. here are some of our faves:

5 note/s:

  1. I can't decide!! They're all so cute. Love the last one too featuring the tote.

  2. hi stacey! my name is sarah and i'm a friend of devin anding. this is how the modern world works: i saw a comment from you on her instagram, noticed the "hedgehog chronicles" and became intrigued because i had just started reading the book. so i clicked your profile and saw that you had a blog and came here... and i love it! i love your point of view, your photos and all the sweet moments that you capture. oh, and i learned about the wildly simple contest from you too and posted a few things so thank you! (i don't expect to win but it was fun) :)

    1. sarah! nice to meet you through this wild and crazy internet land! maybe one day we can meet in person ;) thanks so much for your comment, it made my day!! also makes me want to post more, ive been slacking. i hope we both win the madewell contest... ahh, dreams.
      ps. what book?! is there a book called hedgehog chronicles?!

  3. the book is "the elegance of the hedgehog" but somehow i imagined that's what you had named your blog after! :) there's also a movie in french based on the book but it's just called "the hedgehog". btw, i have a blog that i've been keeping for a few years: http://dionnedesign.com/design-blog/ i'm in the process of trying to make it a little more personal like yours. :)



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