snippets of the weekend.


this weekend flew by as so often they do.

saturday i was down and out for the majority of the day. cramps of death woke me up at 5 am and i couldn't get back to sleep until 7 am because i was in solid pain for two hours. feeling very worn out and quite a bit sorry for myself i cancelled my morning plans and slept til 1030 am. i rested most of the day and was feeling better in time to have family dinner. my parents had my gram down from where she lives about 45 minutes north of us (too far gram!! can't wait til we live in the same town!) and they invited daniels parents and bro to come too. we had a lovely dinner (with the exception of my conscience fighting with my appetite the whole nite. i forgot to mention im starting a diet, calorie counting, etc -- beach camping in less than 3 weeks!!!!).

sunday was the usual sunday which is exactly how i like it. our evening plans cancelled though soooo date nite! yipeeee skipeee. we went to brothers provisions (it's a fancy deli-like restaurant, very relaxed, in northern san diego area, deeeelicious beer. ive mentioned it before) because daniels never been. 
it was great, super relaxed and calm and home by quarter after 7. then we lounged and watched law and order season 4 reruns on netflix because that's what we do. ;)

how was your weekend? 
(and happy monday.)

ps. selfie!!! ;)

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  1. That's a great restaurant. Sooo glad you had a nice quiet evening. How fun!



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