snippets of the weekend.


this is my first time posting from my iphone, how very fun this is! thankfully, the incessant tapping of the keys won't wake daniel since he is the heaviest of sleepers. (i know i could turn the sound off however i find the tic tic tic soothing in a way, so! on it stays).

this weekend? not too much to report. not that it wasn't busy because it was but it was relatively uneventful. this is a good thing. 

saturday we did volunteer work all day then off to orfila winery for tasting and picnic with friends (see previous snippets for details and links as we have been frequenting this place. ;) as i do not have a clue how to provide the link via the iphone, or even if it can be done, today this is how i must roll). after the winery we fell asleep at 730. hashtag: we are old. (sorry, too much instagram!) 

sunday was more volunteering for the morning (with a grip of friends, very active but fun filled!!) then usual sunday afternoon stuff including dinner with my fam. thanks, mama! 

how was your weekend? summer is moving along quick. the beach is divine but come on fall!!!

2 note/s:

  1. more beach before fall!! camping! yippee....

  2. God Save the Cuisine,the delicious British food truck,is at Orfila's this Sunday afternoon! I'd say see you there, but I don't have enough beach in my bones this summer, so I'll be out west ;)



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