snippets of the weekend.


currently, watching the nanny reruns and having a makers mark nite cap, for a monday things are on the up and up!

as for the weekend:

saturday morning was busy but it was followed by (on my part) a whole lot of nothing and then more nothing. i watched our landlord install a brand new garbage disposal (yippee!!) and then i watched daniel install a new radiator in his truck while drinking beer -- that he made no less. this was followed by my best friend bringing over dinner, making vines, watching confessions of a shopaholic and painting our toes. i so rarely have a lazy afternoon (so lazy that i didn't even photograph it!) and it was very welcome.
especially was it welcome because sunday was craaazy. we did voluntary hard labor from 7am to 4pm. its rewarding, but tiring. when we arrived home we came and left in a whirlwind fashion of sorts. off to a friends house for a dinner party until just after 9pm. 14 - hour day. (yes i counted, it was sunday after all.) we had such a great time but when we got home i was soo tired. seriously tired. the fall asleep with your clothes on, feel like you were hit by a bus kind of tired.

thankfully! today wasn't a terribly early morning. even still... the heavy eyelids are creeping back.
nite nite to all and happy happy end of monday ;)

2 note/s:

  1. Glad you just enjoyed your Saturday without photographing it all... sometimes ya just gotta live the moment.



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