my iphone: a love story.


you know how when a person says they are really in love with something and someone says "then why don't you marry it?"
bad joke, i know.
well, now lets say that "a person" is actually me and "someone" is daniel. because its been happening around here a lot the last few days. we each got an iphone 4 on thursday which was much, much needed -- i had dropped my already-decrepit phone and the screen had shattered to bits, even stabbing my flesh with itty-bitty razor sharp shards of glass any time i swiped to unlock it.
so, as much as he likes his iphone, (its his first smart phone. welcome to the 2000s right??) ive been really liking mine... a tad obsessive, if you will. and the moment i remembered that now i could play pandora on our bose stereo my heart skipped a beat.
that's when i knew.
im in love.
(side note: the black keys station is amazzzing.)
//dedicated to my iphone 4//

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