a stylists take: the fashion show is always on the street.


currently: watching bill cunningham new york with my bff stephanie of every whim + notion, planning what we will wear on our fall trip, whilst sipping champagne and indulging in apricot stilton, grapes, rosemary raisin crackers and (drumroll please!) pistachio dark chocolate toffee. decadence galore!

it's been a while since ive done a stylists take. don't get me wrong, im still a stylist,  promise! and i have lots of takes (ask my friends...) maybe i just lost a little bit of my motivation to write them down for the world. but today? motivation in spades. 

it's new york, always new york. something about that city. the bill cunningham documentary is basically this gentleman who runs wild in the city photographing new york street fashion. "his pictures are more than paparazzi shots they really are evidence of what fashion is at any given moment in the world." isnt that the most intriguing thought? we the public influence fashion. ive always thought that "they" (the fashion magazines, celebrities, the bigwigs) told US what fashion is. could it be that we set the rules? we say what is trendy? we have control? that is what bill cunningham is about. that is what new york is about. this is what i want to be about too... and why not?

so, so far for the trip: pleather black leggings (pleather front/fabric back) and wild fox diamond print baseball tee (comfy but cute, maybe for the plane). more shopping to be continued...

and let's set the trends on the streets of new york, shall we? maybe we will even get documented ;)

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