a few lovely things.


portraits of favorite tiny little apartment living nooks and crannies:

long wednesday.


busy cutting some hair today!

dear one and all:
feel free to book an appointment and come see me ;)

a stylists take: the fashion show is always on the street.


currently: watching bill cunningham new york with my bff stephanie of every whim + notion, planning what we will wear on our fall trip, whilst sipping champagne and indulging in apricot stilton, grapes, rosemary raisin crackers and (drumroll please!) pistachio dark chocolate toffee. decadence galore!

it's been a while since ive done a stylists take. don't get me wrong, im still a stylist,  promise! and i have lots of takes (ask my friends...) maybe i just lost a little bit of my motivation to write them down for the world. but today? motivation in spades. 

it's new york, always new york. something about that city. the bill cunningham documentary is basically this gentleman who runs wild in the city photographing new york street fashion. "his pictures are more than paparazzi shots they really are evidence of what fashion is at any given moment in the world." isnt that the most intriguing thought? we the public influence fashion. ive always thought that "they" (the fashion magazines, celebrities, the bigwigs) told US what fashion is. could it be that we set the rules? we say what is trendy? we have control? that is what bill cunningham is about. that is what new york is about. this is what i want to be about too... and why not?

so, so far for the trip: pleather black leggings (pleather front/fabric back) and wild fox diamond print baseball tee (comfy but cute, maybe for the plane). more shopping to be continued...

and let's set the trends on the streets of new york, shall we? maybe we will even get documented ;)

snippets of the weekend.


this weekend flew by as so often they do.

saturday i was down and out for the majority of the day. cramps of death woke me up at 5 am and i couldn't get back to sleep until 7 am because i was in solid pain for two hours. feeling very worn out and quite a bit sorry for myself i cancelled my morning plans and slept til 1030 am. i rested most of the day and was feeling better in time to have family dinner. my parents had my gram down from where she lives about 45 minutes north of us (too far gram!! can't wait til we live in the same town!) and they invited daniels parents and bro to come too. we had a lovely dinner (with the exception of my conscience fighting with my appetite the whole nite. i forgot to mention im starting a diet, calorie counting, etc -- beach camping in less than 3 weeks!!!!).

sunday was the usual sunday which is exactly how i like it. our evening plans cancelled though soooo date nite! yipeeee skipeee. we went to brothers provisions (it's a fancy deli-like restaurant, very relaxed, in northern san diego area, deeeelicious beer. ive mentioned it before) because daniels never been. 
it was great, super relaxed and calm and home by quarter after 7. then we lounged and watched law and order season 4 reruns on netflix because that's what we do. ;)

how was your weekend? 
(and happy monday.)

ps. selfie!!! ;)

a few lovely things.


leftover watermelon + homegrown grapefruit juice. plus, my favorite rug found a new home ;)
rifle paper co. case. (finally, a cute phone case!) 
love this little corner (even though that wall still needs painting... why is life so busy?!) 
a gift from my mama: hedgie dryer balls
these flowers from the farmers market have been with us over three weeks and still going strong!

snippets of the weekend.


this is my first time posting from my iphone, how very fun this is! thankfully, the incessant tapping of the keys won't wake daniel since he is the heaviest of sleepers. (i know i could turn the sound off however i find the tic tic tic soothing in a way, so! on it stays).

this weekend? not too much to report. not that it wasn't busy because it was but it was relatively uneventful. this is a good thing. 

saturday we did volunteer work all day then off to orfila winery for tasting and picnic with friends (see previous snippets for details and links as we have been frequenting this place. ;) as i do not have a clue how to provide the link via the iphone, or even if it can be done, today this is how i must roll). after the winery we fell asleep at 730. hashtag: we are old. (sorry, too much instagram!) 

sunday was more volunteering for the morning (with a grip of friends, very active but fun filled!!) then usual sunday afternoon stuff including dinner with my fam. thanks, mama! 

how was your weekend? summer is moving along quick. the beach is divine but come on fall!!!

a few lovely things.


lighting candles during the day. 
the beauty of an unmade bed
candlestick holders from an estate sale in nashville.
note to my husband: we have had these for 2 years pretty please hang them!! 
this hazelnut butter (and their almond better) will blow your mind. 
sometimes loveliness can be found in everyday snapshots ;)

snippets of the weekend.


currently, watching the nanny reruns and having a makers mark nite cap, for a monday things are on the up and up!

as for the weekend:

saturday morning was busy but it was followed by (on my part) a whole lot of nothing and then more nothing. i watched our landlord install a brand new garbage disposal (yippee!!) and then i watched daniel install a new radiator in his truck while drinking beer -- that he made no less. this was followed by my best friend bringing over dinner, making vines, watching confessions of a shopaholic and painting our toes. i so rarely have a lazy afternoon (so lazy that i didn't even photograph it!) and it was very welcome.
especially was it welcome because sunday was craaazy. we did voluntary hard labor from 7am to 4pm. its rewarding, but tiring. when we arrived home we came and left in a whirlwind fashion of sorts. off to a friends house for a dinner party until just after 9pm. 14 - hour day. (yes i counted, it was sunday after all.) we had such a great time but when we got home i was soo tired. seriously tired. the fall asleep with your clothes on, feel like you were hit by a bus kind of tired.

thankfully! today wasn't a terribly early morning. even still... the heavy eyelids are creeping back.
nite nite to all and happy happy end of monday ;)

a few lovely things.


ring obsessed. 
the delicious bottle of wine shared with my mama during the bachelorette finale.
(truly, the most dramatic event of the summer!!) 
a bounty of bread ala daniel (from a while back... its time for another bake fest).
my old phone because it triggered the chain of events leading to my new phone. ;) 
dark chocolate with cookie butter filling, need i say more?

snippets of the weekend.

this weekend we had friends over both days! (despite the need to paint, are you proud??)
it was wonderful because we got to work hard during the day, hang out and stay home in the evening (the best of both worlds).
ps. as you can see, bennett thoroughly enjoyed the attention. ;)

my iphone: a love story.


you know how when a person says they are really in love with something and someone says "then why don't you marry it?"
bad joke, i know.
well, now lets say that "a person" is actually me and "someone" is daniel. because its been happening around here a lot the last few days. we each got an iphone 4 on thursday which was much, much needed -- i had dropped my already-decrepit phone and the screen had shattered to bits, even stabbing my flesh with itty-bitty razor sharp shards of glass any time i swiped to unlock it.
so, as much as he likes his iphone, (its his first smart phone. welcome to the 2000s right??) ive been really liking mine... a tad obsessive, if you will. and the moment i remembered that now i could play pandora on our bose stereo my heart skipped a beat.
that's when i knew.
im in love.
(side note: the black keys station is amazzzing.)
//dedicated to my iphone 4//


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