wanted: a green thumb.


my gram and my dad love plants. i have inherited most of my traits through their family line -- my craving for ice cream, my insatiable love of travel, my nose -- but somehow genetics gave the ability to garden a miss. in fact, i tend to kill off anything that needs watering. this i got from my mother, who has now resorted to fake plants. ;) 
for most of my life, i didn't care. actually, i found the whole topic to be quite disinteresting. i cant pinpoint exactly when, however, lately that is no longer the case. i find myself stopping daniel on our evening walks to admire a tree, constantly instagramming flowers of all sorts and googling descriptions of varying forms of plant life to learn of its identity. years back when my gram and my dad would have such conversations, my eyes probably rolled back into my head (sorry!!).
boy, how things can change when you grow up.
in these past months, i have accumulated a few different species of succulents. just the other day, my gram gave us our first tree: a baby palm. i love them. im hoping with all my heart that they don't die.  i know succulents live in the deserts, are to be among the easier plants to maintain, and i technically should be able to keep them alive, but still...
so far, the baby palm is living in a pot on our porch and doing quite well. the succulents are currently living in our apartment awaiting their planting in soil outside upon the completion of the ongoing construction in and around our backyard. i will give updates if and when that happens.
in the meantime, any and all plant-related tips are welcome!!

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  1. Love reading your "musings"... this was one of your best! Just ask gram about how to care for your tree (sunlight, water) & it should be fine!
    There's something about having your own place and your own plants to spark that hidden interest you didn't know existed!! luv you.



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