tuesday farmers market.


a few years back, i weekly went to the local farmers market. i wandered, explored and otherwise meandered picking out both needs and wants. of course, i prefer to get my produce from nearby farms. especially, i like to get fresh flowers each week for my apartment's wall vase. upon a tuesday schedule change, i got out of this habit that was not only practical but also oh so good for my psyche. lately, ive been making it a point to go when at all possible -- even if i don't have all that much time to wander, explore and otherwise meander ;)
here are this weeks fresh flowers:
where are your most loved markets?
locations, times + details are most welcome.

2 note/s:

  1. I like the Sprouts in San Marcos! But really really awesome is Seafood Market in Cardiff-by-the-Sea!! I could literally spend all day in that place! and spend a fortune. Pretty flowers!



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