snippets of the weekend.


this weekend we were hundreds of miles away at a fancy resort...
just kidding!!
we actually went up to my grams with my parents for the day and spent time with her and a couple hours at her pool. for those hours though, it did feel a bit like an expensive resort. the weather was warm and balmy, the atmosphere was calm and relaxing.
daniel + i love going to grams. its the best. 
sunday, we slept in (i love sundays).
in the afternoon, the dark skies that had been holding back their moisture let loose a summer storm. praise to the heights above! it rained! i had almost forgotten what rain, or frankly any change in weather, felt like. it feels great and deliciously refreshing.
we headed with some friends to our nearby local winery. they have food trucks on sundays. this sunday? polish truck with polish sausage, yumm.
we ate, drank wine and got wet. great sunday.

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  1. That sandwich looks yummy! I must go with you the next time there's the Polish food truck!
    Yes, the rain was lovely.



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