snippets of the weekend.


what a busy weekend. filled with much of things that are not particularly thrilling to write about. for one thing, i worked. blah. some on saturday and even some on sunday. its a rare thing, but there you have it nonetheless. in lieu of the working (even though i love my job and recite it again + again in times such as these) and come the dreaded monday, i was pretty darn worn out this morning. ohh monday, youre always sneaking up on me...

one high point of this weekend was saturday nite date nite! yes, date. i can hardly believe it myself. nothing crazy -- and i really mean it -- we ate at home (now you believe me?) and went for a stroll at the mall. if you read the snippets back a little ways you'll find that ive had some emotional episodes in recent weeks. nothing too serious, but serious enough to get me a pair of earrings from madewell from daniel to perk me up. he's the sweetest. it really worked too, they are super cute tribal inspired brass studs.

retail therapy truly does work wonders in alleviating a case of the blues.
so does spending time together, daresay that is even more effective ;)

so that's my weekend wrapped up nice and neat in a little nutshell.
now that sneaky monday is on its way out, goodnite all.

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