snippets of the weekend.


well, this weekend i should have been resting all weekend to get completely well from the plague; however, i tend to rebel against that sort of thing. (definitely a major flaw of mine.) yet, i did fit in a two hour nap on saturday (yay!) but i woke up at 630 am (boo). hopefully, it had an breaking even kind of effect. saturday evening we had dinner at daniels parents house with wonderful company that have lived very exciting experiences and reached many a goal that daniel + i have. so we picked their brains a bit. it was low-key and relaxing, which is perfect.
sunday we slept in and then went about our usual sunday. lots of catch-up, lots of laundry, lots of cleaning. 
daniel even washed my car!!
that's me watching him with a glass of wine ;)
happy monday to one + all!

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  1. Great pic. Would love to hear about your Saturday evening conversation! :)



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