snippet (singular) of the weekend.


this is my sick bed.
the majority of the weekend it has been my place of residence.
 (albeit, it didn't always look this neat... i folded the blanket with the small reserve of energy i had left for appearances sake. you should see my coffee table. looks like a volcano of kleenex erupted. eww.)
really though, i haven't been this sick in a while. it started with a little sore throat (very deceptive) then congestion and sneezing crept up, then wham-o! its full body aches, in my chest, coughing-up-a-lung style cold/flu. ugghh. its knocked me down a couple notches and it is not to be ignored. (actually, i think i ignored it one day too long and now its greatly angered and out for revenge).
today i slept until noon. i would have slept longer except for the incessant racket of stucco guys banging on my bedroom wall. honestly, i felt too ill to even be that irate. now that should tell you something. at noon-thirty i moved from my bed to the couch (currently known as the sick bed) for the duration of the day. i was surviving on vicks vaporub, lemon honey cough drops, mango coconut water and watching you've got mail until 3pm when my knightess in shining armor (aka my mom, don't you just absolutely need your mommy when youre sick??) brought me thai curry and some other necessities. then about 5pm daniel came home with groceries and flowers -- that makes him my knight in shining armor! i know it may sound cliché, however i do believe flowers from your husband when youre sick really does have magical healing powers. now hes getting ready to leave for a 7pm appointment, and although im sad he wont be home with me all nite, there is some trash-tv watching in the form of the bachelorette to be had tonite. this cheers me. ;)
hoping everyones weekend was fine and flu-free.

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  1. how is it possible to do some of your best writing when you're so sick?? :)
    Get better soon, my sweets.



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