my tuesday schedule this month and next are a bit more flexible than usual, hip hip hooray! and come september it tightens back up (arrgh). in the meantime, though, im taking full advantage of my tuesday freedom. ahhh freedom, how i love thee.
today i spent the afternoon with one of my best friends and her most adorable baby at their beautiful pool. we had chef salads, lounged on pool floaties and chatted endlessly.
happy tueday!
 hope all can squeeze in some pool time this week, its good for what ails ya. ;)

3 note/s:

  1. In the midst of winter in Aus. This is like a mirage for me! Enjoy ;)

  2. WOW! Looks like a beautiful resort... and a healthy lunch to boot! Great idea.

  3. maybe I will face my fear of skin cancer and join you ;)



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