a few lovely things.


today, life is a bowl of cherries. (summer snack with iced tea lemonade).
this little grey cat lounging. (and the stain on my carpet...)
a few of the places we have been together.
(cant wait for more adventures with you, babe!)
 my thrifted owl statue has been healed! it is one of my favorite keepsakes and a couple days ago i knocked it onto my travertine floor with my tote that is maybe just a titch too big (if there is such a thing). it broke and i cried and daniel fixed it. (my herooooo!)
dark chocolate honey mints, frozen.

2 note/s:

  1. Yea to Daniel Joel for fixing the owl!! and mending your broken heart :) I love the rainier cherries. Wish they weren't so expensive though. But they are so yummy. A great photo shot too!

  2. mmmmm I love those honey mints!!!!!!! I'm going to eat all of the honey in the whole world to get those bees back for stinging me!!!



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