snippets of the weekend.


saturday our plans cancelled sooo... we played hooky (on life!!).
we went to the beach for an overcast beach day, then to a brewery for beer (of course) and grilled cheeses from a food truck, then home for an early nite.
sunday we spent the day with daniels family, then a nap, and dinner with more family.
it was an easy weekend, which was just what we needed, and it went by way too fast.
please let monday be kind. ;)
//dedicated to the beach and ditching responsibility// 

wanted: a green thumb.


my gram and my dad love plants. i have inherited most of my traits through their family line -- my craving for ice cream, my insatiable love of travel, my nose -- but somehow genetics gave the ability to garden a miss. in fact, i tend to kill off anything that needs watering. this i got from my mother, who has now resorted to fake plants. ;) 
for most of my life, i didn't care. actually, i found the whole topic to be quite disinteresting. i cant pinpoint exactly when, however, lately that is no longer the case. i find myself stopping daniel on our evening walks to admire a tree, constantly instagramming flowers of all sorts and googling descriptions of varying forms of plant life to learn of its identity. years back when my gram and my dad would have such conversations, my eyes probably rolled back into my head (sorry!!).
boy, how things can change when you grow up.
in these past months, i have accumulated a few different species of succulents. just the other day, my gram gave us our first tree: a baby palm. i love them. im hoping with all my heart that they don't die.  i know succulents live in the deserts, are to be among the easier plants to maintain, and i technically should be able to keep them alive, but still...
so far, the baby palm is living in a pot on our porch and doing quite well. the succulents are currently living in our apartment awaiting their planting in soil outside upon the completion of the ongoing construction in and around our backyard. i will give updates if and when that happens.
in the meantime, any and all plant-related tips are welcome!!

a few lovely things.


today, life is a bowl of cherries. (summer snack with iced tea lemonade).
this little grey cat lounging. (and the stain on my carpet...)
a few of the places we have been together.
(cant wait for more adventures with you, babe!)
 my thrifted owl statue has been healed! it is one of my favorite keepsakes and a couple days ago i knocked it onto my travertine floor with my tote that is maybe just a titch too big (if there is such a thing). it broke and i cried and daniel fixed it. (my herooooo!)
dark chocolate honey mints, frozen.



my tuesday schedule this month and next are a bit more flexible than usual, hip hip hooray! and come september it tightens back up (arrgh). in the meantime, though, im taking full advantage of my tuesday freedom. ahhh freedom, how i love thee.
today i spent the afternoon with one of my best friends and her most adorable baby at their beautiful pool. we had chef salads, lounged on pool floaties and chatted endlessly.
happy tueday!
 hope all can squeeze in some pool time this week, its good for what ails ya. ;)

snippets of the weekend.


this weekend we were hundreds of miles away at a fancy resort...
just kidding!!
we actually went up to my grams with my parents for the day and spent time with her and a couple hours at her pool. for those hours though, it did feel a bit like an expensive resort. the weather was warm and balmy, the atmosphere was calm and relaxing.
daniel + i love going to grams. its the best. 
sunday, we slept in (i love sundays).
in the afternoon, the dark skies that had been holding back their moisture let loose a summer storm. praise to the heights above! it rained! i had almost forgotten what rain, or frankly any change in weather, felt like. it feels great and deliciously refreshing.
we headed with some friends to our nearby local winery. they have food trucks on sundays. this sunday? polish truck with polish sausage, yumm.
we ate, drank wine and got wet. great sunday.

a few lovely things.


sometimes, nothing is better than a cold glass of chocolate milk.
(makes me feel like a kid again!)
this necklace was on semi-annual zara sale for $3.99. steal.
my summer pedi. 
madewell included this polka dot clutch with purchase last weekend. ;) 
a hat for september beach camping.

tuesday farmers market.


a few years back, i weekly went to the local farmers market. i wandered, explored and otherwise meandered picking out both needs and wants. of course, i prefer to get my produce from nearby farms. especially, i like to get fresh flowers each week for my apartment's wall vase. upon a tuesday schedule change, i got out of this habit that was not only practical but also oh so good for my psyche. lately, ive been making it a point to go when at all possible -- even if i don't have all that much time to wander, explore and otherwise meander ;)
here are this weeks fresh flowers:
where are your most loved markets?
locations, times + details are most welcome.

snippets of the weekend.

what a busy weekend. filled with much of things that are not particularly thrilling to write about. for one thing, i worked. blah. some on saturday and even some on sunday. its a rare thing, but there you have it nonetheless. in lieu of the working (even though i love my job and recite it again + again in times such as these) and come the dreaded monday, i was pretty darn worn out this morning. ohh monday, youre always sneaking up on me...

one high point of this weekend was saturday nite date nite! yes, date. i can hardly believe it myself. nothing crazy -- and i really mean it -- we ate at home (now you believe me?) and went for a stroll at the mall. if you read the snippets back a little ways you'll find that ive had some emotional episodes in recent weeks. nothing too serious, but serious enough to get me a pair of earrings from madewell from daniel to perk me up. he's the sweetest. it really worked too, they are super cute tribal inspired brass studs.

retail therapy truly does work wonders in alleviating a case of the blues.
so does spending time together, daresay that is even more effective ;)

so that's my weekend wrapped up nice and neat in a little nutshell.
now that sneaky monday is on its way out, goodnite all.

a few lovely things.


my new succulent!
this one and others are going to get a home in my yard.
a gin and tonic on a hot summers day. 
this boy's curls after working hard all day (awww). 
summer blooms
lately these sunsets have been seriously pretty.

snippets of the weekend.


well, this weekend i should have been resting all weekend to get completely well from the plague; however, i tend to rebel against that sort of thing. (definitely a major flaw of mine.) yet, i did fit in a two hour nap on saturday (yay!) but i woke up at 630 am (boo). hopefully, it had an breaking even kind of effect. saturday evening we had dinner at daniels parents house with wonderful company that have lived very exciting experiences and reached many a goal that daniel + i have. so we picked their brains a bit. it was low-key and relaxing, which is perfect.
sunday we slept in and then went about our usual sunday. lots of catch-up, lots of laundry, lots of cleaning. 
daniel even washed my car!!
that's me watching him with a glass of wine ;)
happy monday to one + all!

a few lovely things.


these little pretty things on my fireplace. 
a basket of blankets
my bedroom wall.
slowly adding more and more random loveliness. ;) 
best. almond butter. hands down. 
currently, my favorite scarf.

under-the-weather pick-me-ups.


flowers from my husband (really works wonders). 
you've got mail (always).
also: discover new yorks upper west side in the extras for trip tips! 
my furry sidekicks.
(ohh, and everyone take lots of emergenc because this flu is icky...)

snippet (singular) of the weekend.

this is my sick bed.
the majority of the weekend it has been my place of residence.
 (albeit, it didn't always look this neat... i folded the blanket with the small reserve of energy i had left for appearances sake. you should see my coffee table. looks like a volcano of kleenex erupted. eww.)
really though, i haven't been this sick in a while. it started with a little sore throat (very deceptive) then congestion and sneezing crept up, then wham-o! its full body aches, in my chest, coughing-up-a-lung style cold/flu. ugghh. its knocked me down a couple notches and it is not to be ignored. (actually, i think i ignored it one day too long and now its greatly angered and out for revenge).
today i slept until noon. i would have slept longer except for the incessant racket of stucco guys banging on my bedroom wall. honestly, i felt too ill to even be that irate. now that should tell you something. at noon-thirty i moved from my bed to the couch (currently known as the sick bed) for the duration of the day. i was surviving on vicks vaporub, lemon honey cough drops, mango coconut water and watching you've got mail until 3pm when my knightess in shining armor (aka my mom, don't you just absolutely need your mommy when youre sick??) brought me thai curry and some other necessities. then about 5pm daniel came home with groceries and flowers -- that makes him my knight in shining armor! i know it may sound cliché, however i do believe flowers from your husband when youre sick really does have magical healing powers. now hes getting ready to leave for a 7pm appointment, and although im sad he wont be home with me all nite, there is some trash-tv watching in the form of the bachelorette to be had tonite. this cheers me. ;)
hoping everyones weekend was fine and flu-free.


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