yesterdays news: lunch date.


yesterday my mom and i grabbed a bite to eat at this awesome north san diego find (third new place within 7 days! for a definite creature of habit this is something to be proud of...)

its called brothers provisions. they have a rustic yet hip vibe and a killer menu. sandwiches, salads, cheese platters: all of it the finest. and the beer... oi vey. my mom + i shared the pork sandwich on pretzel bun with cheddar, carmelized onions, pickle + some sort of delicious apple jam and the to-die-for pastrami reuben (it had gruyere.... need i say any more??) twas oh so lovely!!
a little before + after shot ;)
 happy morning, its friday!!

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  1. It was a great lunch!! so fun to be together. Next time we need to choose the charcuterie and cheese plate with a salad to split! oh... and wine maybe instead of beer. Yum.



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