snippets of the weekend.


isn't that a sight for sore eyes??
my kitchen cabinets and my closet -- organized!!! not to mention my bathroom cabinets, bookcases, random baskets + drawers.... such joy fills my heart just to think of it. now the trouble is just keeping it this way. most of the weekend this is what we did. we listened to music + drank beer too, so it wasn't that bad. now all that's left is a car full of stuff to take to goodwill... sayonara stuff.
its monday... oi. lets make it a good one!

2 note/s:

  1. Jackie re-arranged kitchen cabinets sunday morning before I woke up at 9:30.... I woke up, ate breakfast, and then hunkered back in bed until 4pm..reading....

  2. You and I must be on a similar wavelength! I cleaned my closet and drawers out about 2 weeks ago.... yes, it was glorious!



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