snippets of the weekend (and unrelated nonsense).


this snippets of the weekend is... well, rather snippet-less. most of the weekend (except sunday when we slept til noon. n-o-o-n.), i was running around like a chicken with my head cut off.
(on a side note, ive never quite understood that phrase, seems rather graphic and icky...)

our day on saturday started with leaving the house at 8am and not returning until 10pm. it was one thing to the next, to the next, and next. although it was mostly filled with good things, it was still exhausting after a week that was also non-stop (hence, the sleeping til noon). sunday was busy from 2pm til 10pm which i realised is still being out and about 8 hours, on a sunday, isnt that sacrilegious?? after sleeping for about 12 hours you would think i would have been able to handle any stress that came along with more grace and finesse... wouldn't you? um, not true. actually, i was quite the opposite: a little bit of an emotional wreck (many apologies to daniel who handled my mood swings quite well i must say). a few things came up that would have warranted an emotional response but what came was even more than i expected. do you ever have days like that? days where everything seems wrong? out of place? where you feel stuck? (please say yes.) maybe its because that 12 hours didn't fill my need for rest, maybe i was still tapped out of energy, maybe it was from being so busy, maybe from taking care of some people in my life that need me to the point where its becoming glaringly obvious that i need to take time to take care of myself? maybe all of the above... plus, today i woke up with that monthly visitor we resent so much. im sure that it is also partly to blame. and upon its arrival, while i usually curse the day -- and womanhood in general, today i let out a deep sigh of relief... maybe im not that crazy after all. my hormones released the floodgates of all that bothers my deep down inside. and boy, lemme tell ya, watch out and grab a life-raft when that happens. don't get me wrong: my life is good... but now and then we tend to focus on all the things that should change in order to make it better. we act like... well, we act like girls (pardon the stereotype). or, is that just a human thing?

hopefully, i can make concerted personal effort to focus on the good instead of what is lacking (in reality and in my head) and therefore develop more contentment. i mean, i will always be an intense, high-strung pusher to some extent, but why not reach for the stars and achieve more balance?

any tips on the "how-to" part of this are welcome ... ;)

2 note/s:

  1. You do need to take care of yourself too my sweets. I will send u an email shortly. Love u.

  2. I think we live in a crazy society that tries to make us feel lazy and bad if we take care of ourselves. but I say take care of yourself because you are the only fravrite I have xoxo



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