new york in the fall (trip plans #2).


ba-da-dada-da, ba-da-dada-da. start spreading the news...
(come on, you know the rest, sing it out for me loud + clear)
im leaving today...
(except not actually today, the end of october...)
i want to be a part of it...
(that's true!)
new york, new york!!

we booked our tickets and our room at the american dream hostel (how cool are we staying in a hostel??). however, it actually seems more like a b+b (so don't worry, mom!). we have a private room with a bunk bed, double on the bottom and single on the top for my best friend that's meeting us there for 3 of our 5 nites. we will have a shared bath which is totally fine because, frankly... it has to be.(note: finding a place to stay in manhattan with a private bathroom without paying a small fortune is absolutely impossible.) breakfast each day is included (i hear the pancakes are great! or maybe it was waffles... either way). the location is downtown, manhattan near the flatiron district with easy access to the subway.
it was quite the ordeal finding a place that suited our needs and was (relatively) in our price range so yippee skippee!! for that being done... now, onto the fun part: researching.

it being our fourth jaunt to the big apple, shall we have a fresh take? i want to see another side of this ever-changing powerhouse of a city, the city that never sleeps.

what are some unique nyc gems that are on your must-see list?

btw, this posts prequel is here.

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