an anniversary celebration (yes, another one).


ok, pretty sure this is the last of the anniversary celebrations (for this year...). although, if it was up to me we would celebrate our anniversary every year all year, not just in april and may (and june, apparently).

heres the deal: usually my parents, grandparents + gram celebrate our anniversary all of us together; however, this year they did things separately. three events instead of one? fine by me ;)
we had a lovely day with my parents, before that a dinner at my grandparents, and tonite my gram took daniel, my parents + i to my favorite restaurant: jake's del mar.

i could kick myself i forgot my camera... (really, really annoyed. i did manage a camera shot on IG) instead of actual pictures, i will do my best to describe our time together with word pictures. today being the longest day of the year, the evening sun felt more like mid-afternoon. thankfully, the cool ocean breeze blew into the open window next to our table. the laughter of kids playing beach volleyball was muffled only by the consistent back and forth hum of the waves. sipping my maitai, visiting with my family, i felt a million miles away...

it was just what i needed.
//thanks, gram!//

ps. happy first day of summer!!

2 note/s:

  1. It was just what you needed!! so happy to have been a part of it. It did feel like we were a world away from life! so fun. It's so awesome that you and Daniel can hang out with "old" people and still have such a good time. You are both the genuine article!

  2. sometimes forgetting the camera allows us to live in the moment



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