a stylists take (confidence).


"the most confident of women are those who believe in every scrap of fabric that they wear." - sarah maclean.

my friend and i have an ongoing conversation/pep-talk with each other when we are getting ready together to go out, discussing what to wear to an event, or deciding on a new hair color. if we are unsure or wavering we tell each other "just own it." if you truly own it, youll be fine. no one will question you. show confidence. confidence not only in your sense of style but in your choices, in who you are. so many women are apprehensive in their style decisions, hiding behind a certain hairstyle or wardrobe because its safe, comfortable or nondescript. breaking out of that box helps all of us to define ourselves, gives us individuality and confidence in our sense of self. so anytime you are concerned about making a change or taking a risk, from wearing a bright lipstick to trying out the latest trends to cutting all your hair off (gasp!!) be confident. "just own it." trust me, you wont regret it.

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