a few lovely things.


these NYC books have been going everywhere with me lately.
 start trip clothes fund? check. 
the evening light through this window. 
i used a tape measure!!
mmm. sculpin. (arrrgh. blurry picture, my pet peeve. darn you lighting.)

snippets of the weekend.

not my typical weekend: no make-up, no hairspray, no jewelry (well, my earrings don't count, do they?) and no worries. this weekend was the first of three of the same. daniel + i are helping on a volunteer construction project where we get to work hand-in-hand with the best of company. it may be long hours and hard work but the rewards without a doubt outweigh any sacrifices made.
it was a great weekend ;)
ps. don't let my new cute work boots fool you, they are mean.
(new, hard-as-rock leather + two 10-hour workdays = much pain!!)

an anniversary celebration (yes, another one).


ok, pretty sure this is the last of the anniversary celebrations (for this year...). although, if it was up to me we would celebrate our anniversary every year all year, not just in april and may (and june, apparently).

heres the deal: usually my parents, grandparents + gram celebrate our anniversary all of us together; however, this year they did things separately. three events instead of one? fine by me ;)
we had a lovely day with my parents, before that a dinner at my grandparents, and tonite my gram took daniel, my parents + i to my favorite restaurant: jake's del mar.

i could kick myself i forgot my camera... (really, really annoyed. i did manage a camera shot on IG) instead of actual pictures, i will do my best to describe our time together with word pictures. today being the longest day of the year, the evening sun felt more like mid-afternoon. thankfully, the cool ocean breeze blew into the open window next to our table. the laughter of kids playing beach volleyball was muffled only by the consistent back and forth hum of the waves. sipping my maitai, visiting with my family, i felt a million miles away...

it was just what i needed.
//thanks, gram!//

ps. happy first day of summer!!

snippets of the weekend (and unrelated nonsense).


this snippets of the weekend is... well, rather snippet-less. most of the weekend (except sunday when we slept til noon. n-o-o-n.), i was running around like a chicken with my head cut off.
(on a side note, ive never quite understood that phrase, seems rather graphic and icky...)

our day on saturday started with leaving the house at 8am and not returning until 10pm. it was one thing to the next, to the next, and next. although it was mostly filled with good things, it was still exhausting after a week that was also non-stop (hence, the sleeping til noon). sunday was busy from 2pm til 10pm which i realised is still being out and about 8 hours, on a sunday, isnt that sacrilegious?? after sleeping for about 12 hours you would think i would have been able to handle any stress that came along with more grace and finesse... wouldn't you? um, not true. actually, i was quite the opposite: a little bit of an emotional wreck (many apologies to daniel who handled my mood swings quite well i must say). a few things came up that would have warranted an emotional response but what came was even more than i expected. do you ever have days like that? days where everything seems wrong? out of place? where you feel stuck? (please say yes.) maybe its because that 12 hours didn't fill my need for rest, maybe i was still tapped out of energy, maybe it was from being so busy, maybe from taking care of some people in my life that need me to the point where its becoming glaringly obvious that i need to take time to take care of myself? maybe all of the above... plus, today i woke up with that monthly visitor we resent so much. im sure that it is also partly to blame. and upon its arrival, while i usually curse the day -- and womanhood in general, today i let out a deep sigh of relief... maybe im not that crazy after all. my hormones released the floodgates of all that bothers my deep down inside. and boy, lemme tell ya, watch out and grab a life-raft when that happens. don't get me wrong: my life is good... but now and then we tend to focus on all the things that should change in order to make it better. we act like... well, we act like girls (pardon the stereotype). or, is that just a human thing?

hopefully, i can make concerted personal effort to focus on the good instead of what is lacking (in reality and in my head) and therefore develop more contentment. i mean, i will always be an intense, high-strung pusher to some extent, but why not reach for the stars and achieve more balance?

any tips on the "how-to" part of this are welcome ... ;)

a few lovely things.


three cheers for raspberry season, hip-hip-hooray! 
a new love: lisianthus. 
my favorite lampshade. 
perusing real simple. 
daniels ape bookend he's had for years... it's grown on me ;)

new york in the fall (trip plans #2).


ba-da-dada-da, ba-da-dada-da. start spreading the news...
(come on, you know the rest, sing it out for me loud + clear)
im leaving today...
(except not actually today, the end of october...)
i want to be a part of it...
(that's true!)
new york, new york!!

we booked our tickets and our room at the american dream hostel (how cool are we staying in a hostel??). however, it actually seems more like a b+b (so don't worry, mom!). we have a private room with a bunk bed, double on the bottom and single on the top for my best friend that's meeting us there for 3 of our 5 nites. we will have a shared bath which is totally fine because, frankly... it has to be.(note: finding a place to stay in manhattan with a private bathroom without paying a small fortune is absolutely impossible.) breakfast each day is included (i hear the pancakes are great! or maybe it was waffles... either way). the location is downtown, manhattan near the flatiron district with easy access to the subway.
it was quite the ordeal finding a place that suited our needs and was (relatively) in our price range so yippee skippee!! for that being done... now, onto the fun part: researching.

it being our fourth jaunt to the big apple, shall we have a fresh take? i want to see another side of this ever-changing powerhouse of a city, the city that never sleeps.

what are some unique nyc gems that are on your must-see list?

btw, this posts prequel is here.

snippets of the weekend.

isn't that a sight for sore eyes??
my kitchen cabinets and my closet -- organized!!! not to mention my bathroom cabinets, bookcases, random baskets + drawers.... such joy fills my heart just to think of it. now the trouble is just keeping it this way. most of the weekend this is what we did. we listened to music + drank beer too, so it wasn't that bad. now all that's left is a car full of stuff to take to goodwill... sayonara stuff.
its monday... oi. lets make it a good one!

find beauty and hold on.


though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not.
--ralph waldo emerson--
i read this quote today. then, i found this snapshot is of a foggy nearby big sur morning. pretty, huh?
 not many quotes really catch me but now and then i find one that makes me pause my ever constant movement to write it down somewhere, anywhere... with a dry eraser marker on the refrigerator, in a notebook, on a scrap piece of paper, or on this blog. this quote is how i feel about life.
so dear life, apparently me + ralph felt the same about you.
always knew i loved that guy.

yesterdays news: lunch date.


yesterday my mom and i grabbed a bite to eat at this awesome north san diego find (third new place within 7 days! for a definite creature of habit this is something to be proud of...)

its called brothers provisions. they have a rustic yet hip vibe and a killer menu. sandwiches, salads, cheese platters: all of it the finest. and the beer... oi vey. my mom + i shared the pork sandwich on pretzel bun with cheddar, carmelized onions, pickle + some sort of delicious apple jam and the to-die-for pastrami reuben (it had gruyere.... need i say any more??) twas oh so lovely!!
a little before + after shot ;)
 happy morning, its friday!!

morning calm.


this is the first calm morning i have had in a long while (with the exception of sunday. sunday was a nice morning at home with daniel til noon. i love sundays).
 but as for the rest of the week its been rush-rush-rush. i am not a morning person (really, not).
so today is a treat. this morning i slept in a bit, made the bed, and made breakfast. for many, this may not be a big deal at all. but for me?? its epic. im sitting and eating at the same time!! wow. so pictured above is my breakfast on a real plate + mug (not the throw away kind): grilled cheese, tomato + avocado sandwich and coffee complete with foam. its a good morning.
happy thursday! come on, weekend!

a few lovely things.


peonies need no explanation. 
a glass of champagne with two raspberries. 
a tribal necklace from zara that goes with most everything.
daniel is brewing beer, a lovely thing indeed.
this weather lately...

snippets of the weekend.


lets call it the weekend of discovered backyard treasures!!
beautiful weather, great friends, delicious wine... what more could we ask for? saturday afternoon we went to orfila winery with another couple to enjoy a picnic and wine tasting. some friends of ours got us a year membership for a gift. thanks, guys, for the gift that keeps on giving ;)
(you can check the membership out on their webpage, totally worth it)
sunday afternoon we unearthed another nearby gem: cordiano winery.
please if you ever do anything mentioned on this blog and live in the san diego area, let this be it. they are a family from southern italy that has lived in their escondido home for just over 20 years. on their property they have a vineyard, make wine and serve homemade pizzas on their large back patio that has the most breathtaking view most likely in the whole county. the atmosphere is friendly + welcoming. it feels like italy, or what i imagine italy is like. i have never been, but sunday i feel like i got a taste. maybe someday itll be the real thing ;)
happy work week, take some time to enjoy!!

a stylists take (confidence).


"the most confident of women are those who believe in every scrap of fabric that they wear." - sarah maclean.

my friend and i have an ongoing conversation/pep-talk with each other when we are getting ready together to go out, discussing what to wear to an event, or deciding on a new hair color. if we are unsure or wavering we tell each other "just own it." if you truly own it, youll be fine. no one will question you. show confidence. confidence not only in your sense of style but in your choices, in who you are. so many women are apprehensive in their style decisions, hiding behind a certain hairstyle or wardrobe because its safe, comfortable or nondescript. breaking out of that box helps all of us to define ourselves, gives us individuality and confidence in our sense of self. so anytime you are concerned about making a change or taking a risk, from wearing a bright lipstick to trying out the latest trends to cutting all your hair off (gasp!!) be confident. "just own it." trust me, you wont regret it.


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