snippets of the weekend.


this weekend was a flurry of activities. fun activities though so it was a-ok. saturdays snippets i have, sunday not so much but that's because it just consisted of sleeping in, cleaning, the usual. oh and doing some friends hair in the evening.

back to saturday. my parents took us out for the day to celebrate our anniversary!! yes, the celebrating continues ;)

we started out with champagne brunch at their house. we had a healthy meal of low fat egg fritatta (sorry to the foodies out there, i have no idea how to spell fritatta.... fratatta? frittata?), an oatmeal blueberry casserole and english muffins with jam.

from there i stopped by my friends baby shower to celebrate with her for a bit. it was beautiful!!! and a gorgeous afternoon to be outside. my parents + daniel picked me up and we went to balboa park to meander and see a documentary about polar bears on the big screen (they're ridiculously cute!! oh, ps. i also learned please protect the environment). balboa park is such a wonderful san diego spot. its such a peaceful place and definite must-see.

for dinner my parents treated us to blue water seafood market + grill (featured on diners, drive-ins + dives!) we waited in a crazy long line but it was totally worth it. you pick your fish (fresh from the water!) and the marinade. you also choose if you want tacos, sandwich, salad or plate. i got chipoltle blackened mahi mahi fish tacos. daniel got swordfish that was amazing (really amazing, he's super picky). and to top it off we all split a pitcher of ballast point IPA. yumm.
we finished off the evening at our place with a bonfire + fireside chat in our yard.

//thanks to mom + dad for planning such a fun anniversary day. love you!!!//

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  1. Yes, it was a great day!! Now on to plans for next year!! haha.

    1. we need to get together to star planning for 2 years from now!!!!!!! that will come before we know it :0



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