snippets of the weekend.


 this weekend can be summed up in one word:

cant you tell?? looking at this sky, you can just feel it radiating from the screen...
saturday evening we bbq'ed at my grandparents. they made us a lovely anniversary dinner.
my grandpa makes the best grilled salmon. its like butter. its been my favorite ever since i was a little girl. it was served with veges and my dads german potato salad. later, my grandmas raspberry layer cake! it was a perfect evening all of us together having a meal and relaxing after a busy day.
sunday was... even hotter. 96 degrees. uggghhh.
also on sunday: chia seed pudding. its simple + delicious.
1. seeds 2. coconut cream 3. honey 4. stir 5. eat!!

happy monday, stay cool out there!
(that is unless youre my family in michigan... apparently, its snowing there. geesh. please send a little cold our way!!)

2 note/s:

  1. It was a yummy dinner for sure! :) Enjoyed visiting with everyone and playing with Barns too.



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