snippets of the long weekend (and may 7).


to celebrate our eight year anniversary (officially may 7) we went with a few friends up to camp in big sur. on the way up we hit up super cool san luis obispo (or SLO as the locals call it) for breakfast and much-needed break.

the oh-so-famous + absolutely gross "gum wall." just had to.
we passed thru all kinds of cute beach towns on the loong drive up (8 hours to be exact). we saw lots of interesting sights though, to be sure. most of which were zebras belonging to the hearst property in san simeon. zebras! like the straight up african kind, right off highway 1! (i would post pics but i edited them on my camera and its not letting me upload them. lame.)
our site was on the river so not only did we hear the rush of the river as we slept (not very comfortably, mind you, therefore the river helped!!) but on thursday + friday (the warm days-- before the storm hit) we also used it as a cooler for our feet and most importantly, our beers ;)
this is pfeiffer beach state park, big sur.
its perfect.  
this is our friends pup, belle. cutest pup ever. 
we busted out the good stuff for boggle games under the tarp when it got cold, as in raining and verrry windy on saturday and sunday. 
including stew on the fire. yumm. no complaining here.
sunday daniel + i warded off the rain by driving 20 minutes north to carmel to get some lunch and do some shopping. it is the lovliest town... but i forgot my camera. and there were beautiful views and rainbows. rainbows!! arrrgh. (i did get some phone pics at least. see IG.)
the whole gang (minus one) at nepenthe cafe on the bluff. amazing view!!
mcway falls, doesnt the water look like the caribbean?!
on the way home from big sur we stopped for an ice cream in avila beach, a tiny beach town where we spent our honeymoon 8 years ago. daniel says its changed. i say it hasnt changed a bit...
lastly we had dinner in santa barbara with daniels bro + fam. three hours later we were home. let me tell you, my bed never felt so good after sleeping on the floor for four nites. my head hit the pillow and i was down for the count.
when i awoke, it was may 7th! happy anniversary to meeee!! (oh, and daniel too) ;).
he had to work and i had to do much damage control on our apartment but we had thai takeout + wine for dinner and exchanged our cards.
what more can you ask for??

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  1. Cool pics. Looks like if was a great camping trip. Now on to the anniversary dinnerS.!! Happy 8 years. :)

  2. trying not to be jealous... ;) love you



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