portrait of a triple digit day.


 it was 100 degrees yesterday...
one hundred.
does someone need to remind the weather that it is may?? i blame the weather man entirely, i mean, it must be his fault somehow right?? ohh -- just please dont tell my cousin because hes a weather man or "meteorologist" and he may be a tad offended ;)
anyways thats all neither here nor there. the point is when its blasted hot out its hard to get much of anything done. my advice? power thru man, just power thru. and when you get home: shower, beer, repeat (if necessary).
today's supposed to be the start of the cool down they say... still remains to be seen.
have a fabulous tuesday!!

2 note/s:

  1. it is. i know this because i have the brginings of a change of weather migraine!!!

  2. I like the beer idea!! Had one last night myself! actually 2 if the truth be told.



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