he fluffs my pillow.


lately, life has been up in smoke. not "up in smoke" in a bad way, but in the good way... not that anything can really go "up in smoke" in a good way, can it?
whatever. what i mean is that its just been busy. crazily so. and stressful. ever since big sur its been working lots, closing the shop, hardly seeing daniel, my house is a wreck. i have snippets of the weekend to post (it was the best weekend by leaps and bounds of the year thus far. stay tuned.) but i haven't had time for much of anything else.
actually, i should be sleeping right now as i have a day tomorrow that starts at 7am and ends at 10pm. ugh. yet instead, im writing. i guess sometimes you just have something to say, something to get out into space. once its out there its easier to sleep, isn't it? its no longer only in your head. thankfully this time its a happy note. amidst all the crazy i have found a peaceful, quiet, calm thought:
my husband fluffs my pillows. he does this every nite. it dawned on me just moments ago how much i love this. if im not yet in bed? (which happens often as i suffer from chronic nite owl-ness) he fluffs my pillow. if my head is already on the pillow? he fluffs my pillow anyways. that's what happened tonite and i thought -- wow. i love him.
its those little things that get us through the crazy times, right? i mean the busy routine, the grind of everyday life. lets dwell on the little things... and all the more so when our lives are up in smoke (in the good way or bad way).

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  1. that is too sweet for words!! it's those "in secret" not-observed-by-others kindnesses that have so much meaning.
    and, yes, you should go to bed earlier!! He can fluff the sides of your pillow if need be, but get that cute lil' head on it so you can get your rest!! 'nuf said. (heehee)
    love you...



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