a few lovely things.


this sunscreen because i was out in the sun a lot this week (thanks steph for leaving it here!!) 
tootsie rolls just because...
an anniversary gift from friends (an owl chalkboard!!) 
 target air freshener by bella in island moonlight scent smells amazing (and looks cute too). 
my favorite thrifted item of all time: vintage rabbit drawing.

snippets of the weekend.


last weekend we went to a bible study convention at qualcomm stadium in san diego.
the same program is held all around the world.
its the most special weekend of our year... 
me + my gram... can you see the resemblance ;)
great weekend, one for the books!!  

he fluffs my pillow.


lately, life has been up in smoke. not "up in smoke" in a bad way, but in the good way... not that anything can really go "up in smoke" in a good way, can it?
whatever. what i mean is that its just been busy. crazily so. and stressful. ever since big sur its been working lots, closing the shop, hardly seeing daniel, my house is a wreck. i have snippets of the weekend to post (it was the best weekend by leaps and bounds of the year thus far. stay tuned.) but i haven't had time for much of anything else.
actually, i should be sleeping right now as i have a day tomorrow that starts at 7am and ends at 10pm. ugh. yet instead, im writing. i guess sometimes you just have something to say, something to get out into space. once its out there its easier to sleep, isn't it? its no longer only in your head. thankfully this time its a happy note. amidst all the crazy i have found a peaceful, quiet, calm thought:
my husband fluffs my pillows. he does this every nite. it dawned on me just moments ago how much i love this. if im not yet in bed? (which happens often as i suffer from chronic nite owl-ness) he fluffs my pillow. if my head is already on the pillow? he fluffs my pillow anyways. that's what happened tonite and i thought -- wow. i love him.
its those little things that get us through the crazy times, right? i mean the busy routine, the grind of everyday life. lets dwell on the little things... and all the more so when our lives are up in smoke (in the good way or bad way).

snippets of the weekend.


this weekend was a flurry of activities. fun activities though so it was a-ok. saturdays snippets i have, sunday not so much but that's because it just consisted of sleeping in, cleaning, the usual. oh and doing some friends hair in the evening.

back to saturday. my parents took us out for the day to celebrate our anniversary!! yes, the celebrating continues ;)

we started out with champagne brunch at their house. we had a healthy meal of low fat egg fritatta (sorry to the foodies out there, i have no idea how to spell fritatta.... fratatta? frittata?), an oatmeal blueberry casserole and english muffins with jam.

from there i stopped by my friends baby shower to celebrate with her for a bit. it was beautiful!!! and a gorgeous afternoon to be outside. my parents + daniel picked me up and we went to balboa park to meander and see a documentary about polar bears on the big screen (they're ridiculously cute!! oh, ps. i also learned please protect the environment). balboa park is such a wonderful san diego spot. its such a peaceful place and definite must-see.

for dinner my parents treated us to blue water seafood market + grill (featured on diners, drive-ins + dives!) we waited in a crazy long line but it was totally worth it. you pick your fish (fresh from the water!) and the marinade. you also choose if you want tacos, sandwich, salad or plate. i got chipoltle blackened mahi mahi fish tacos. daniel got swordfish that was amazing (really amazing, he's super picky). and to top it off we all split a pitcher of ballast point IPA. yumm.
we finished off the evening at our place with a bonfire + fireside chat in our yard.

//thanks to mom + dad for planning such a fun anniversary day. love you!!!//

paris in a jar.


good friends of ours recently arrived home from paris.
(ooh, paris. i miss you...) 
they brought home with them this little find (merci!!) i say little but it brings with it big feelings of happiness. ive been searching for some time now for a lip balm that actually works.
sound the trumpets, we have a winner!
 thankfully, one can order it from the states... but as for this time? its the real deal for me ;)

a few lovely things.


my best friend that lives in china sent us this squirrel nut cracker for our anniversary! 
//谢谢我最好的朋友 xoxo//
i thrifted this rug for 7 bucks and i am in love. 
fresh squeezed oranges to cool down.
lavendar vanilla sleep aromatherapy from bath+body. may be my most prized possession. 
big sur driftwood. better late than never ;)

portrait of a triple digit day.


 it was 100 degrees yesterday...
one hundred.
does someone need to remind the weather that it is may?? i blame the weather man entirely, i mean, it must be his fault somehow right?? ohh -- just please dont tell my cousin because hes a weather man or "meteorologist" and he may be a tad offended ;)
anyways thats all neither here nor there. the point is when its blasted hot out its hard to get much of anything done. my advice? power thru man, just power thru. and when you get home: shower, beer, repeat (if necessary).
today's supposed to be the start of the cool down they say... still remains to be seen.
have a fabulous tuesday!!

snippets of the weekend.


 this weekend can be summed up in one word:

cant you tell?? looking at this sky, you can just feel it radiating from the screen...
saturday evening we bbq'ed at my grandparents. they made us a lovely anniversary dinner.
my grandpa makes the best grilled salmon. its like butter. its been my favorite ever since i was a little girl. it was served with veges and my dads german potato salad. later, my grandmas raspberry layer cake! it was a perfect evening all of us together having a meal and relaxing after a busy day.
sunday was... even hotter. 96 degrees. uggghhh.
also on sunday: chia seed pudding. its simple + delicious.
1. seeds 2. coconut cream 3. honey 4. stir 5. eat!!

happy monday, stay cool out there!
(that is unless youre my family in michigan... apparently, its snowing there. geesh. please send a little cold our way!!)

put a little spring in your step.


  Bluebells in Friston Forest by Alan Mackenzie
grilled fennel bulb recipe{<3} cauliflower saladAll Things Shabby and Beautiful
Open the windows, Spring is here...Pretty color palette.
yum.DIY gold leaf terracotta pots are the perfect mix of rustic and luxe.

in honor of the heat wave...
if you have no control, find the silver linings!

//images via pinterest//

a few lovely things.


this boy. happy anni, babe!
my new madewell bracelet has not left my wrist for two weeks. 
wildflowers picked on a hike.
a dachshund plate that doubles as a soap dish. 
this hot toddy on a rainy day in my favorite mug.


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