thirteen years.


he remembers what i wore that day. i remember he held the door for me. it was windy on the pier. i remember the strength of the wind, as if it would blow me away.
certain memories are so strong, aren't they?
we met by accident. a friend of a cousin engaged to a friend. we were only kids, him and me. 17 and 14, respectively.
needless to say, the odds were against us.

despite this i knew (believe it or not, i knew): we had something. something different, something special. he wasn't just another boy. not just another crush, a name to draw on my school book with hearts all around. it wasn't going to be just that.
i may not have admitted it, but i knew.
if i hadn't known, i would have never let my best friend keep those crayons we doodled with at the diner table that nite (thinking one day we'd be glad we kept them), i would not have let her write my phone number on his hand... and i would not have waited for his call -- on his way home from work, once every other friday at 4pm -- like clockwork.

reflecting back, on the anniversary of that day we met, it seems so fairytale-like, so long ago. in the years after that day, we thought we would never be together, like cosmic forces were keeping us apart.
perhaps we (and by we, i mean me) had a bit of a romeo and juliet complex.
but now, thirteen years later, we see it was only the start. we grew up. we grew up together... and we will grow old together. maybe that's what i knew thirteen years ago.

so, he may not still remember what i wear every day -- although, sometimes he does... when its important ;)
and he may not always hold the door for me...
but what we have gained? its worth much, so much more. we have history, we have a story, we have our whole life.
and we make an effort each and every april 1st to remember it.

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  1. OK. That one brought tears to my eyes!! Luv u both. Happy day-u-met anniversary.



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