snippets of the weekend.


my most favorite wax flowers for our friends 15th anniversary!
saturday we had them over to celebrate :) 
we shared this wine (from traders for $10) and it was delicious with daniels homemade pizza.
on the menu:
pizza: sausage // basil // fig, arugula + gruyere
salad: pear, pecan, avocado + spinach
dessert: creme brulet cheesecake torte 
looking for the neighbors puppies... 
where are they?!
//happy anniversary d + a! we love you!!//
sunday we went for happy hour at my grandparents and played with this charming pup. 
afterward, we had korean shortrips + coleslaw at my parents house for dinner. seriously, yumm.
 then we chatted outside amongst my parents garden. it was a beautiful, warm sunday evening. 
enjoy your monday friends ;)

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