snippets of the weekend.


friday nite: we almost went out but decided to stay home, watch law + order reruns, eat cookie butter straight from the jar + irritate binglee... my mother says you can tell you've been married for a while if this is what you do for fun on a friday evening. its a bit pathetic, no? even so, its kinda what i want every friday nite to be.

saturday: i spent the day with my mom + dad yaay! daniel worked which was a drag but being with my parents was the bright side. my mom + i went to a swap + shop party. have you ever been to one of those?? great fun. girls get together with their clothes, jewelry... anything really that they don't want any more. they shop and swap (its really quite self-explanatory). i got a few things. my favorite being a pair of gold studs that are either leaves or feathers (can't quite figure it out, i want them to be feathers so let's just say they're feathers). after the swap daniel picked me up at my parents and we went to our friends for dinner. she's housesitting a lovely house with pretty surroundings. we went out and picked from the garden to make salad and grilled steaks on the bbq. yumm. (OHH and we had homemade strawberry honey ice cream-- heaven forbid i forget that tiny yet prominent detail!)

sunday: i slept in and it was the best sleep in ive had in a long while. i juiced my breakfast and it was delicious-- carrot, apple, parsley, lemon. we are going to try to juice during the week for dinner for a month or two and see what all the fuss is about (will keep you updated... hope this lasts. any notes of encouragement or juicing ideas are very much welcome!!) later, we went to another couples house for dinner. they too have a garden i raided. its this weekends theme! our loot included swiss chard, celery, green onions + 6 eggs from their hens. yes, hens. how cool are they??

now its monday... booo. well, happy monday anyway ;)

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  1. But it's a great thing to be content to be at home! I'm glad you have that contentment. :)



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