snippets of the weekend.


saturday evening daniel + i threw a celebration for my parents 40th wedding anniversary!
 with the help of a few of my parents wonderful friends (thanks everyone!!) we had delicious cocktails + appetizers, enjoying the cool breeze of the mild spring day while the eagles played in the background -- i made a special playlist for my daddy.
as the sun set the twinkle lights on the fence illuminated the nite, along with the fire daniel started in our new fire pit (yaay!). all gathered around the fire telling stories of my parents in their newlywed days. these are memories i will forever cherish.
i took so many pics leading up to the party but once all the festivities began, i left my camera to just be in the moment (im kinda proud of myself!).
sunday, we had our usual scheduled activities and surveyed the damage done to our little apartment. most of the day consisted on putting life back together for the week. ohhh and on a side note, it was cold today (by cold i mean 60 degrees) and we had a fire in our fireplace, in april!!
happy monday folks, its tax day... keep your chins up!
//this post is dedicated to my mom + dad, the best mom + dad ever ;) happy 40 years!!!//

2 note/s:

  1. Thanks for the best ever anniversary party. I wasn't even nervous!! It was perfect!! luv you too! :)

  2. hey those pics are amazing!!!! and i am super impressed by your picture taking skills :)



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