snippets of the weekend.


our april first celebration continues...
saturday daniel planned the day and sunday i planned the day.
saturday was a 45 minute ride to nearby palomar mountain. we went to the palomar mountain general store (this was entertaining in and of itself as it sold music boxes, native american jewelry, and masks, lots of them--like phantom of the opera style-- for all the masquerading i assume they do up there on the mountain with a population of 300....) and the palomar mountain observatory with a 200 inch telescope used for all kinds of science-y things that go over my head ;)

after the observatory, we headed down the mountain and backed up into a lookout point. we created a comfy little wonderland of blankets and pillows in the bed of the truck and had a picnic while we watched the clouds drift by (daniel gets major points for the romance factor, good job babe!)

sunday i planned a relaxing morning at a local coffee shop to have breakfast and reading time together. 

later sunday i ditched the camera, we went to vintana for happy hour (vintana post is here), daniel had never been and i wanted him to see the loveliness that is martinis on a rooftop. we came home for dinner, i made his favorite, sausage torta rustica! yumm yumm, try it, i know youll love it. that is, if you love sausage, butter, cream, etc... yikes.
now its back to the real world!!

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  1. Sounds loverley!! Happy day-u-met anniversary.

  2. ok so i was doing so well in "yay for being single" land....but this post made me falter just a guys are so cute ;) i'm very glad you met and i'm very glad you continue to be sappy and celebrate your love!!!!!!!!



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